Blog Challenge #1: Favorite Legion Quest

One of my challenges with blogging is that I always run out of interesting things to write about, or at least things I THINK are interesting for other people to want to read.

So when I became aware of Z and Cinder’s Blogging Challenge thanks to a few retweets from my friend Leeta, I knew I had to participate. I do love me some World of Warcraft, and writing about it seems like it’d be right up my alley.

Unfortunately, I’m already 11 topics behind on the challenge!

So I have a choice, either start with the most current topic and just go along with every new one that appears, or go crazy and do all of the past ones at once.

If the post title didn’t give it away, I chose the latter. Cause I be crazy.

The first topic is your Favorite (NO U IN THAT WORD Z AND CINDER) Legion Quest.

I had to think about this a lot, and I decided to try and figure it out by narrowing the zones in my head a bit. To me, the best parts of a quest are feeling like you’re invested in the story, that you’re playing a part that you WANT to play, that you feel like your character would absolutely be doing this.

That eliminated Stormheim right off the bat. Lorewise, I HATE most of that zone. The Sylvanas (yes I’m Horde) parts feel like MoP all over again where you are forced to obey a Warchief that you not only disagree with, but would outright attack them if you had the option. Not having a choice but to help her try to enslave Eyir angered me so much. The rest of the zone is better, but I don’t have a particular fondness for the whole Viking-inspired lore of the Vrykul, and Odyn is a giant dick. Seriously how many times do I have to “prove myself” to you? And considering this whole mess with Helya is not only your own damn fault, why should I bother?

Sorry, got a bit off topic. I seriously hate a lot of that zone though.

At any rate, I’m not a particular fan of Night Elves or Malfurion Stormrage, so that eliminates Val’sharah too. Suramar was pretty, but again….Night Elves. And these ones are especially arrogant, which I have NO time for. So that leaves Azsuna or Highmountain. Azsuna is a bit of a mix and match of fun quests, and Highmountain is chock full of Tauren lore, one of my favorite races in the game. But what to pick, I thought to myself…..and then it hit me.

My favorite quest in Legion isn’t actually in the Broken Shore at all.

It’s in the Exodar.

I’m referring to Bringer of the Light. After you discover a mysterious object, you find that it’s a message from Turalyon, who has been lost since Warcraft 2, and the last hope against the Legion, and you need to get it to the Prophet Velen. Oh hell yes, time for some Draenei lore and time to get Velen involved in the story. Yes yes yes. Let’s do this.

So off to the Exodar we go. And OF COURSE it’s being invaded by the Legion. There’s demons everywhere, portals bringing more in, dead Draenei everywhere, and right in the middle of everything is Velen doing his best Jack-from-Mass-Effect-2 impression generating a big ol’ shield to keep the demons out.

Shields up, weapons online!

So we run around, saving citizens, killing lots of demons, and destroying portals. And the Draenei start helping you. They hold postitions that you’ve taken, freeing you to keep going. Hidden away a bit, you find Farseer Nobundo and an optional quest to defend him and some of his fellow shaman against waves of demons. It’s frantic, fast paced, but in the end you save him and they’re free to join the others under Velen’s protection.

Finally you take back the Exodar, freeing Velen to help you with the mysterious object. It’s called Light’s Heart, the core of the Prime Naaru, Xe’ra, and only a relative of hers can unlock it. Luckily, there’s one inside the Exodar! And he’s…..unguarded. Uh….why. Anyway, you run to him, but the commander of the invasion, High General Rakeesh, has beaten you there. No big, you’ve killed hundreds of demons in your WoW career, this guy will FALL, right?

It doesn’t go well. After you beat him, he brings in a bit of backup. Backup that results in the death of O’ros, the naaru in the Exodar. It’s a big ol’ Legion machine, and then he attacks you with it.

And during the fight….Velen starts begging you not to kill Rakeesh, and when you don’t stop (Because NOT STOPPING IS KIND OF CRUCIAL TO YOUR CITY NOT GOING BOOM VELEN) he starts attacking you. This is one of the oldest mortal beings in existence, immensely powerful, and suddenly turns that on you. Oh crap.

By this point you’re close to killing Rakeesh, so you can finish him off. Then….this happens.

Prophet Velen says: You asked me if I foresaw this day, child.
Prophet Velen says: I… I did… And until this moment I did not understand.
Prophet Velen says: In a time that is now just a whisper of a memory, I had a son. On the day of his birth, a vision came to me.
Prophet Velen says: In that vision I saw myself weeping as I held a dying eredar in my arms. His skin fel-pocked and battle-scarred.
Prophet Velen says: Like yours…
Prophet Velen says: But I buried that vision after Kil’jaeden took my family from me, and for eons let it be lost in the darkest recesses of my being.
Prophet Velen says: Now, finally, as I hold you in my arms, I understand.
Prophet Velen says: There is nothing left here for you, champion.
Prophet Velen says: Take Light’s Heart and return to Khadgar. Tell him… Tell him that the Light died here this day.
Prophet Velen says: Farewell.

Damn. Okay. Velen’s not in a good place. Considering we need this guy near the forefront in the fight against the Legion, that’s….not good.

If you wait around a bit, you see a little more.

Divinius says: We came as soon as we were able! Thank the Light that you are safe, prophet!
Prophet Velen says: I am neither prophet nor pawn. Not any longer.
Prophet Velen says: Did Romuul survive?
Divinius says: Grand Artificer Romuul yet lives, sir!
Prophet Velen says: Good. Find Romuul. Tell him to begin repairs on the vessel. We are going home.

Okay….that’s either really good or really bad. Hopefully Velen gets some of his senses back and realizes he needs us to fight the Legion and doesn’t throw away his people’s lives senselessly.

At the end of the quest, we return to Khadgar, who is saddened that we cannot unlock Light’s Heart and for what has happened to Velen. He asks us to keep Light’s Heart safe for now.
That is my favorite Legion quest. It brings the Draenei in, gives some real meat to the conflict with the Legion, and opens up a lot of storyline potential for future patches, especially involving the Legion (and Draenei) homeworld of Argus. I can’t wait to see where we go from here.

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  1. Cinder says:

    This is an excellent choice for favourite quest! (WITH a u in Australia 😀 ) The scenario was really hard the first time I did it, to the point where I wondered if I was supposed to be in a group doing it. But I got through it. And that end scene, boy is that a killer. I agree – I can’t wait to see where things go from here!!


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