Blog Challenge #2: How has WoW impacted or changed your life?

Challenge #2 from Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge is to talk about how WoW has changed or impacted your life, which considering how long I’ve been playing is fairly easy to talk about.

I began playing WoW in August of 2005 (for those of you counting, that’s earlyish Vanilla) with some RL college friends. Initially, I was very anti-MMO (who the hell keeps paying over and over to play a video game, honestly) and hated the idea that the Warcraft 3 storyline would only continue in MMO form. But I watched my friends Akin and Jeff play it, and dangit if it didn’t look like a lot of fun. So eventually I gave in and joined the fray. I’ve quit playing, albeit briefly, a few times throughout the years, but I usually end up coming back to it.

The two biggest ways that WoW has impacted me in those years has been meeting my current guild and giving my long distance relationship a way to have dates until we could see each other.


I joined my current guild (alea iacta est on the Earthen Ring server) full time during the Sunwell Patch. My RL friends had more or less quit logging in, so finally I decided to pull up shop and settle down on a new realm and a new home. Before that, I’d moved an alt druid over there to enjoy the community, but before long I was playing that druid more and more than my “mains”. I even started raiding with a team that casually did Karazhan (shoutout to the Over the Hill Gang crew from back then!). When the Sunwell patch dropped, I played exclusively on my old realm for a solid week waiting to see my friends return to the new content. Never happened.  I transferred my main and remaining alt over to Earthen Ring and haven’t looked back since.

In that timeframe I have made amazing friends, more than I can count, and can’t imagine life without them, especially the crew of my current raid team. Love you guys.

As to the relationship I mentioned above, while I didn’t meet her in WoW, we did play a lot of it together between those weekends when we actually got to see each other. We lived 5 hour drives apart, so virtual dates had to suffice between when we could fit the drives in our schedules. I got this lovely lady interested in the game, and she’s been playing it with me since. Yeah, I married her. Yeah we have two amazing children together. And yeah, we play other games together too (she’s recently become a HUGE Overwatch fan). But we both remember those early WoW dates fondly.

My wife’s Tauren Hunter and my troll mage, havin a good time like usual!

WoW is a huge part of my life, and I will always be thankful for it, even after the inevitable time when I stop playing it for good.

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  1. Cinder says:

    Awww I love that WoW helped you and your now wife get together. Distance is so hard, so it’s really lovely that WoW could bridge that gap sometimes.


    1. thebmatt says:

      It didn’t help us get together, per se, but it definitely allowed us to do long distance dates!


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