Blog Challenge #4: An Azeroth Holiday

Challenge #4 is “Where would you go on vacation in Azeroth?”

This one’s incredibly easy for me. There’s one place in Azeroth I’ve been constantly awestruck by the beauty of. From the amazing forests, to the beautiful cities, to the sheer amount of culture to experience, there’s no better place for a vacation on Azeroth than Pandaria.

I love Pandaria, all of it. It’s easily been my favorite newly added continent in the history of the game. It’s incredibly gorgeous, and easily a place I could spend a lot of vacation time in, if not just outright live there.


I’d love to visit each of the temples of the August Celestials, eat my weight in delicious food in Halfhill, admire the amazing mountains of Kun Lai (I’m not brave enough to try and hike those!) and learn to ride Cloud Serpents.

It definitely sucks that the beaches of Krasarang Wilds are kind of wrecked by the Alliance and Horde battles that took place there, and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms is a bit destroyed thanks to Garrosh, but overall I still find Pandaria to be too beautiful for words, and I would love to vacation there in real life.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cinder says:

    I love pandaria too!!! So beautiful


  2. With all the beer themes in Pandaria, I wanted a still in my Tiller’s farm.
    Great choice — I just did the candy buckets there and remembered what a great design it is/was/still is.


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