Blog Challenge #5: You as an NPC

Challenge #5 is an interesting one, what would an NPC of your character in game be like?

I’ve thought about this one a lot over the years of playing Warcraft, and so I know the answer almost immediately.

The NPC would be my longtime main and oldest WoW character, my troll mage Dahkar. I picked Troll mage because I found the concept unusual. How did trolls, a race that from what we saw in Warcraft 3 didn’t exactly seem to have the proclivities towards studying arcane magic, suddenly develop a cultural place for it? And while there’s some established lore surrounding that, it’s not a lot, so I wrote some additional stuff myself.

And that’s precisely what Dahkar would be doing in game. He’d be in the Troll district of Orgrimmar, with the title of Archmage, holding a class with apprentice mage NPCs of various Horde races (mostly troll, but some Orcs and goblins too, and maybe even a few interested tauren). He would walk about the class, and be giving a full history of the Darkspear tribe’s practice of arcane magic, how it came to be, how they developed it, their interaction with other magical societies, and ending it with directing his students in their first lessons on casting spells. This scripted event would periodically repeat itself. And of course, he’d be a mage trainer NPC, wearing one of the troll themed transmogs I put together for him. Sure, I’d love for that to switch as much as I swap transmogs, but for the role I want him in, he needs to be wearing appropriate garb for his race, it just fits.

I’m a big proponent of in game lore for more unusual race class combinations, and I would want my beloved troll mage to be the definitive source of lore for troll mages everywhere to understand where they come from and the traditions they uphold.


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  1. Cinder says:

    I love NPCs like this in game. It reminds me of the little class that is under one of the bridges on the Wandering Isle, where the teacher is telling them all about how the Wandering Isle cane be to be, and someone else sings the song… it’s really lovely. U like stopping and watching these moments because they are the little things that help it feel more like a proper world.


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