Blog Challenge #6: Under the Winter Veil Tree

For challenge #6, Z and Cinder ask what would I love to see under the Winter Veil tree in Azeroth. The examples they gave included something maybe you had a hard time getting to drop in the game itself, or even something that doesn’t currently exist in game.

There’s a LOT of things I could wish for here, but I’m going to limit myself to three that I feel especially strongly about.

Number 1 would be an end to not only the faction conflict in game, but also an end to the faction divide in terms of gameplay. The Alliance versus Horde story has long lost any compelling story teeth, resulting in convoluted and outright ridiculous turn of events to artificially keep it going so that we have a reason to continue PvP, especially World PvP, which I honestly could not give less of a hell about. I know there are people who love that sort of thing, but frankly I think for the good of the game’s story it needs to die. We could open up cross faction grouping on a whole new level.


Number 2 is the addition of some more classes. Oh yes, I know, all of you complaining about class balance are going to jump on me claiming that more classes are just going to upset the balance even more, but you know what, go away. More classes means more fun character archetypes for us to play with, and there’s plenty that WoW has that I want to experience. Most prominently, off the top of my head, are the Necromancer (I HAVE WANTED THIS FOR SO LONG), some kind of engineering based class (probably the Goblin Tinker from WC3 is the best example), and a melee magic class based on either the blood Elf Spellbreakers, or even better based on the Spellblade Aluriel boss in Nighthold.


Finally, number 3 would be a particular mount that is only available to the Alliance. The Mountain o’ Mounts achievement rewards a Red Dragonhawk mount to Horde players, and the Alliance version is blue. I’ve always love Dragonhawk mounts for reasons I can’t really explain, and the Blue Dragonhawk model is one of my favorites, and the fact that it’s Alliance only is sad. I want that beauty available to my Horde Characters!


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