Blog Challenge #7: Bucket List

Challenge #7 is not only a blogging challenge, it’s a challenge of stuff to do in game, it’s the bucket list!

This one’s tough for me to think about, because I’ll organically get interested in things as an expansion rolls along, and then I’ll craft a bucket list of things to accomplish before the expansion is over with. So to think of this list right now is hard, because I know it’ll change and grow as I go along playing the game.

But still, the challenge is there, so here’s what I’ve got for now.

  1. Finish my Legion Leveling Series on my Youtube channel (wooo shameless plug)
  2. Unlock the hidden appearances for both DPS artifacts on my shaman, and all three for my mage.
  3. Unlock Broken Isles Pathfinder
  4. Get my class mounts for the mage and shaman
  5. “Finish” the Order Hall Campaigns for at least three more characters up to the current point allowed.

Item #1 is a personal goal I’ve set for myself, to record and upload to Youtube more consistently. I’d like to have the Legion Leveling series complete before the year is over, but it’ll depend on how many other games I decide to record for the channel.

Item #2 is a bit of RNG luck, honestly, but I’m going to keep consistently trying and hope they show up. I should point out that the reason I have selected these two characters is that for a time, I was flip-flopping between the two as mains for this expansion. I started out Shaman, went to mage because Elemental’s damage was so awful, and then went back after it got the substantial buffs it needed. However, I’m still very attached to the mage and do WQ emissaries on it semi-regularly as well. I already have the Enhancement and Frost appearances, so just three more to go. But two of those are random drops and the other one is a once per day check in the order hall to see if it shows up. So we’ll hope, right?


Item #3 is GOING to happen. I hate lack of flying too much to not put in the effort for this. Part 1 is already done, and Part 2 is going to be a major focus of my playtime (raiding aside)

Item #4 is also more than likely going to happen, because my shaman is my current main, and my mage is my old main that I’ve spend a lot of Legion trying to keep equalish with the shaman, so I want them both to have their class mounts

Item #5 requires some clarification. By “finish” I mean up to the current ending of the Order Hall Campaign, where you unlock your class title, a relic slot, and an artifact appearance. I realize more will be coming to the campaign storyline, but I don’t know if I want to make it a goal for myself yet to keep going with those campaigns. Right now three additional characters is probably the limit I want to set, and more than likely they will be my Death Knight (currently the only other 110 I have), my Warlock ( my character for the Legion Leveling Series), and probably the Rogue (since he’s currently 102). I have no doubt that doing this for all my level  100+ toons will be an end-of-expansion goal, but for the end of this year, I’m going to start with three.

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