Blog Challenge #10: Favorite World Quest

Challenge #10 is to talk about your favorite World Quests. World Quests are interesting animals to me, because I tend to look at them from an efficiency perspective. What will get me the 4 quests I need for whatever Emissaries are up the absolute fastest? Which ones can I get to as fast as possible? Do any of them offer rewards that I absolutely MUST have?

See, I have two children now, which means my gaming time isn’t as high as it used to be, so when I get in there, I want to accomplish these things as quickly as I possibly can, to fit as much fun in that time before my children need their dad again. And World Quests, to me, are a thing you get out of the way and move on to something else that might be more enjoyable. I like that they’re there, but with a lack of real story or lore behind them, and usually a lack of compelling rewards at my current gear level, they don’t compel me as much as other content might.

So my favorite world quests are ones that don’t take up a lot of time, or a lot of thought. I really love the Wardens ones, because they’re a simple get in, kill the thing, and get out. Having the WQ Group Finder addon even takes care of the whole finding a group aspect automatically, and they usually have a big reward in the form of artifact power or resources, both of which I can always use more of.  I’m also in the minority as I really enjoy all of the Kirin Tor WQs. Sure, the Like the Wind ones are occasionally buggy, and playing the Barrels of Fun game in the random locations that it shows up in is a bit weird, but they’re different and weirdly fun (but yes I totally cheat on the Barrels of Fun quest with an addon, and I refuse to apologize for that).


I legitimately wish there was more lore given behind WHY the Wardens want to kill each of their WQ targets. Were they prisoners before the legion invaded your vault, have they been murdering supply caravans, stuff like that. I get that’s a lot of additional voice acting beyond “WE HAVE A TARGET FOR YOU IN THIS AREA. BE VIGILANT” but it’s something that a lot of other WQs have that I feel  is missing from the Wardens ones.


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  1. Cinder says:

    That’s a great point about the Wardens quests. How cool would it be if there were some short stories about each of the targets they want us to kill, explaining who they are and how they got to be an enemy. I agree that it sometimes feels like we’re hitmen killing people because we’re told to without asking for a reason. Makes you wonder if we’re doing the right thing. So some extra story there would be nice, for sure! 🙂


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