Blog Challenge #11: Show off your alts!

Challenge 11 is gonna be a FUN one for me, and probably my longest post yet. The challenge is to Show Off Your Alts! And as anyone who knows my WoW habits will tell you, I am a RAGING Altoholic. Which makes me kind of sad about how alt-unfriendly Legion is, but I digress. Let’s get started shall we?

I’m actually not going to start this post by talking about my current main, Durnnit the Elemental Shaman, because there’s some history I need to talk about first.

wowscrnshot_022117_231754wowscrnshot_022117_231700wowscrnshot_022117_231559 wowscrnshot_022117_233840

When I first started playing WoW, I knew what I wanted to play before I ever bought the game. I wanted to be a mage, and I wanted him to be a troll. So Dahkar was born. I know you’re gonna make jokes about the name, everyone does, but I wanted a lore-appropriate name and at the time I thought the random name generator would give me something that was good (how silly of me). So it eventually spat out Dakhar, which was taken, but I reversed the K and H thinking that if you put an apostrophe between them, it would sound like a cool troll name. Thus he was born. He’s been my main throughout the game with the exception of half of MoP (when I wasn’t raiding, once I started raiding again in Siege of Orgrimmar with my current raid team, I went back to him) and now in Legion. I’ve got all sorts of transmogs for him, here’s a small sample. Fun fact: my wife picked out his most recent hairstyle and color, and I refuse to change them because of that.


Durnnit here is not only my current main, but was the first character I created on my now-home realm after I moved here to join . A bunch of my friends were creating characters to level together during the late days of BC, and I’d wanted to try shaman out for ages. He was an occasionally played character after that, healing in alt raids during Wrath for example, but it was during Warlords when I got really into the shaman as a “primary alt” and ended up doing more and more with the character. Frustrations with the mage design and the impressive new animations and sound work led me to swap mains over to the Shaman for Legion. As to where the name Durnnit came from? Well, it was originally going to be just Durnit, for reasons that will become apparent later, but that was taken, so my dear friend Toshiko suggested I just add a second N, which I was happy to live with. Here’s a look at a couple of my favorite transmogs on him. Trolls are a favorite race of mine, and I REALLY like their various racial themed mogs, can you tell?


Let’s move on to good ol’ Oldmanfranks. If you don’t know this about me, Old Man Franks was a character I used to play on the Extralife Radio and The Instance podcasts. I would call in and leave messages for the show on their voiceline (and later record MP3s and email them in) pretending to be a slightly deranged old man that would make fun of something on the show or just be absolutely random. The host (shoutout to Scott Johnson) apparently really loved them, because he kept playing them on the episodes. I got to be fairly well known in the community for the character, and since my guild, AIE, began as a fan guild for Scott’s podcast network and affiliated shows, when I moved an alt over to join that guild (which I talked about more here) I initially moved a tauren druid and renamed him Oldmanfranks. I’ve had a character named that in the guild ever since. When I decided to make AIE my full-fledged home I brought Dahkar and a Blood Elf Warlock named Nihilus over from my old server, Mug’thol. That Blood Elf warlock would eventually get race changed to undead and get the Oldmanfranks name moved over to him. It lived on another toon, but we’ll get there. Behind Dahkar, I probably have more awesome transmogs on Oldmanfranks than anyone, here’s a sample of them.


Remember that druid alt I talked about in the above paragraph? He was the first alt I ever made in the game. He was my most played character for a time when I first joined AIE. During Cataclysm when they added many new race class combos to the game, I got a great story idea for him involving the new lore for Tauren Paladins and Priests. So I moved the druid’s name, Grothar, over to my priest and racechanged my druid here to the newly added Troll druid. Zenjulin is his name now, a truly great troll name that an online generator helped me come up with. Unfortunately he no longer has much in the way of backstory, nor a whole lot of playtime lately. For the past few expansions he’s been a character that I level near the end of the expansion’s life span when there’s a bit of a content dearth. It’s a shame, but the class no longer connects with me on the level it once did. Here he is in his current mog at 100.


Hokay. Now it’s time for the Death Knight. This one is….embarassing. When Death Knights were first released, I had the bright idea to take Oldmanfranks away from being just a named I used within the guild to making him a full-fledged character with his own backstory and everything. So I made an undead Death Knight, wrote out his story, and played him a LOT during Wrath. Then, later in the expansion, I did a couple of race changes. One was to move the name Oldmanfranks off the Death Knight to my newly undead Warlock, and the second was to turn my Death Knight into a Tauren, a new character with a new backstory that would be the brother of my tauren Druid. Remember that new story idea involving moving the druid’s name to the priest? The Tauren DK was a part of that, and his name got moved to my newly changed Tauren Paladin. The Deathknight then became a Goblin. That was a very poor choice because I came to absolutely loathe Goblin melee animations and I didn’t play the character again for a while, until I did what I should have done in the first place and made him undead again. His name with this change became Texaporte (say it out loud) and he got a new backstory as a fallen paladin that refuses to stop clinging to his ideals. Yes that means I spent the money to race change this character three damn times. I’m not proud of it. Here he is in my favorite mog for him, the recolored Paladin Tier 2, which fits in greatly with his backstory.


This is Grothar, my tauren priest I made. His name used to belong to my tauren druid, before I wrote him a story explaining how he essentially “changed classes” when the Tauren priest order was formed. My favorite moments with him involve Warlords, when he was a fixture in Ashran. Here he is in one of my favorite transmog sets that I put together during that time. He has quite a few sitting around, but I love this one a lot.


Shadothar here is my Tauren Paladin, Grothar’s brother. Both of these guys are part of the Grimtotem tribe, Grothar was cast out for refusing to kill a political enemy of Magatha Grimtotem, an act which resulted in his brother, a former rising star in the tribe, becoming persona non grata. He got the crap assignments and was treated like dirt for his brother’s actions, all of which resulting in him getting killed and resurrected as a Death Knight. When the Sunwalkers were formed, a miracle happened that resulted in his resurrection. Not many transmogs here, but I do like this particular set.


Beskar is my Troll Rogue. I’m honestly not entirely sure when I made him anymore. Not many interesting stories to tell with him either. The Rogue is a class I just occasionally enjoy leveling, but could never do endgame content with. Right now he’s at 102 because I’ve enjoyed the Rogue order hall questline a lot. This troll-themed transmog is definitely awesome looking tho.


Finally there’s the last of my 100+ characters on the Hordeside, my Goblin Hunter Nertz. My wife and I made a couple of hunters to level together, which we were admittedly infrequent in doing. Before Warlords came out, we had both preordered the expansion, and were trying to decide what to do with our new level 90 boosts. Eventually we decided to use them on our hunters. She would go on to main Hunter that expansion, while mine became an alt I eventually enjoyed leveling and PvPing some in Ashran with. This particular transmog is one I call “Mechagoblin” and I’ll often take a couple of mechanical pets out with me to compliment it. Also because they’re awesome.


Oh right, and I have a demon hunter. Yay. His name is Arandil, after a druid I played in a D&D game. Woo. Demon Hunters are fun. I just really don’t like elves at all. Here’s his weird shirtless pirate themed mog I made up. Woo.

OMF cropped.jpg

Rounding out the Horde side of the equation are my two non-100+ characters. OMF here (the name is an abbreviation of Oldmanfranks) is a warrior I have picked up and put down leveling more times than I can count. He was initially a bank alt, and that’s what he is again. I just have a really hard time with Warriors. They’re cool and all…..the class just has no resonanace with me. I think it’s the lack of Magic or ranged-ness. No transmog for him, he’s still got heirlooms.


Finally there’s my monk, Kungpaondin. My wife came up with the name as a combination of Kung Pao and Poundin, cause he punches things. As with the Warrior, the archetype of the Monk just does not resonate with me, so I have a hard time sticking with him to level. I did feel like making him have a weird casual fisherman type mog though. 

I do have some Alliance alts on another server, but they are mostly all lower level, and I don’t play them a whole lot to warrant talking about here. I think going over my Horde stable is plenty enough. This server and this faction are where my heart are, really. Hope you guys liked it, and I’ll see ya in the next challenge!

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  1. Zeirah says:

    Oh I love your alts! Their backstories are great 🙂 I really love Kungpaondin’s name. That is such a great panda/monk name.


    1. thebmatt says:

      I passed that compliment along to my wife, since she came up with it!

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