Flamesabers Acquired: A Retrospective

This afternoon, my wife and I completed the last of the 15 games needed to acquire the Primal Flamesaber mount in World of Warcraft.

When this event was first announced, I proposed that we complete it together. I was curious to see how she would take to the MOBA genre, having never played it (or its RTS ancestor) before. I’d like to share with you some of the thoughts we had as we completed this challenge.

  1. When she played the tutorial, the first thing she asked was “How do I move the camera behind me?”. I should have expected this, as most of the games she plays are either first- or third-person perspective. The second thing she asked was if she could change the keybinds so that she could move with WASD rather than clicking to move. Not being able to do either of those things was probably the biggest hurdle for her to overcome, but she did learn quickly, I’ll give her that.
  2. Despite having some experience with the overall interface, I still suck at this game, so we only played vs beginner-level AI games
  3. She didn’t really feel comfortable experimenting beyond playing Jaina (the free hero they gave her) until we had completed more than half the games needed for the quest. After that she was a little more willing to branch out, trying ETC and Lili.
  4. I had personally forgotten how much I enjoyed playing Sylvanas and Kael’thas. Sylvanas’ ability to lock down towers and stun full waves of minions just work for me, and they were a very big help in quickly clearing through games. If you’re looking for a good hero to help your groups win vs AI matches quickly, I recommend her. heroes-screen
  5. Kael’thas is just fun for me as a former fire mage main, and I think Blizzard did a really good job translating that playstyle into Heroes with him. Even if he is a stinky elf, there’s really not a better lore character to rep Fire mages. Now I just wish I had the cash to throw down for that steampunk skin. It’s awesome. steampunk kael.png
  6. All in all, it was a fun experience, but it’ll probably be the last one for a while…until they run a new promotion. Both of us are more inclined towards FPS and MMO gameplay than MOBAs, so we’ll continue playing WoW and Overwatch together. We just have more fun there together. And really, playing together was the whole point.

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  1. Cinder says:

    I ended up enjoying doing this a lot more than I thought I would. It’s not my favourite game in the world, but I would happily go play it if WoW was down.
    Grats to you and your wife on your awesome new mounts! 😀


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