Throne of Thunder mogs complete!

I know, I know, I have a new topic over at Z and Cinder’s to do (heck I even CAME UP with it!), but I wanted to show off something I finished today.

I took the day off from work feeling absolutely awful and sleep deprived, but around the afternoon, my body decided that it wasn’t going to sleep anymore, so I dragged myself down to the office to relax by watching whatever was interesting on youtube while running Throne of Thunder for some transmog.

And lo and behold, today was apparently my lucky day because I got both drops I needed to complete the sets. On the left is Dahkar, rocking the raid finder version of the mage tier set, while over on the right we have Durnnit in the normal version of the shaman tier set.

Being something of a troll fanboy, I absolutely adore most of the gear from Throne of Thunder, and these two sets are ones I’ve been on-and-off chasing for a while.

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