Blog Challenge #13: The Race You Just Can’t Stand

I’m very happy that Z and Cinder liked one of my topic suggestions for this challenge, which asks about the Races in the game that you just don’t like, for whatever reason. I’ve got quite a few of them I’ve developed a dislike for over the years of playing this game, and perhaps surprisingly, most of them are among the playable races.

When I first started playing WoW, back in Vanilla, the “Alliance vs Horde” mentality was VERY strong among the playerbase. These days it’s a bit lessened with many people having alts on both sides, but back then, if you played, your faction ruled, and players of the other faction were “insert some variety of insult here”. We, for example, always talked about the Alliance as a bunch of little kids who wanted to play Lord of the Rings. Which, to be fair, wasn’t ALWAYS off the mark, the amount of Night Elves you would see named some variety of “Legolas” was always rather high.

Now, as you can imagine, as the game has evolved and the story has progressed, this has cooled a lot. There’s plenty of Alliance races I think are pretty awesome now. Were I to suddenly need to transfer all my Horde characters over to the other side, I’d end up with a bunch of Draenei, dwarves, and Pandaren, with maybe a worgen or two. Probably not any humans, because I don’t see the point in playing one when there’s so many cool looking fantastical races available, and not any gnomes, because while I’m a far cry from the gnome-punting days of long ago, I still just don’t like the aesthetic of them, and armor looks looks strange on them.

Meanwhile, over on the Horde side, as you saw in my “show off your alts” post, I’ve got lots of trolls, a couple tauren, a couple undead, a pandaren, and one goblin. I do have a similar problem with the goblin in that armor looks off on him, but for most of the mail transmog sets he has, they look decent enough that it doesn’t bother me as much. I would honestly have more Pandaren, but by the time they were released I already had a full stable of Horde alts with documented backstories, and I didn’t really want to give any of them up. For similar reasons, I don’t have any orcs, in that their old model used to look really dumb with the lower jaw hanging open. The new model looks a LOT better, but again, by the time they arrived, I liked my specific characters too much to want to change any of them.

Now if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noted that I’ve studiously avoided mentioning a single race on both sides. And you have also realized the connection between the two.

The race in WoW I can’t stand…..are the elves. All of them. Night, Blood, High, Nightfallen, ALL OF YOU can just go jump off the edge of Outland.

seriously look at this smug jerk

I’ve NEVER been the world’s biggest fan of the common trope of “elf superiority”, nor have I liked the obvious sex-ification of the Night Elves in WoW (being a Horde player, we all derided the Alliance players who watch the night elf females dancing on the mailboxes). But at the very least, during vanilla, they were over there in the Alliance. Then during BC, Blizzard came up with some (in my opinion) hamfisted story to suddenly add the Blood Elves to the Horde, because they felt we needed a “pretty” race to help with faction balance. I hated this decision then, and I maintain to this day that some of the game’s worst story plotholes came out of this decision. I also feel that it ruins the aesthetic of the Horde as a faction. Part of what attracted me to them in the first place was that they were the misunderstood monster faction, trying to find redemption for their past misdeeds in the face of overwhelming prejudice. And during BC, I found myself in a new guild, surrounded by players who would ONLY play elves because everything else was “too ugly”. We’re the faction of the classic monsters, dammit, we’re not supposed to have pretty!

But fine, the game has had many years to change and grow, as have I. And I will agree that the Blood Elves have had some good story during Mists of Pandaria.

But now we come to Legion. And not only do we get a very stark reminder that the Night Elves are completely responsible for the Legion finding Azeroth in the War of the Ancients, we get to run Val’sharah with some extremely awful Malfurion and Tyrande voice acting (not to mention more of Tyrande’s arrogance), but then we get to the worst of it: Suramar. If you thought the other elves were arrogant pieces of garbage, now we have an endgame zone with a massive city absolutely full of them. At least SOME of our new allies, like Thalyssra and Oculeth, actually demonstrate likability and humility over the course of the story (letting the Nightwell die was honestly something I didn’t see coming), I still want to arcane-nuke the whole city from orbit.


Other races have gotten me very angry (Warlords of Draenor’s ogres for example) but no other race has inspired rage in me like them friggin’ elves.

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  1. Ohhh no not the elves xD But yes they can definately be a silly bunch, I agree with you on Humans, as being a Human IRL kinda makes them my last choice for games


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