Blog Challenge #14: Your funniest death

I know, I know, I’m a few weeks and 2 challenges behind on keeping up with our friends Z and Cinder, but there’s a couple of reasons for that.

The first reason is that my gaming time has been completely and totally consumed by the awesome fun that is Mass Effect Andromeda.

The second reason is that I could not, for the life of me, come up with a response to this topic challenge. I don’t remember any particularly funny character deaths. Most of my funny stories revolve around times I SHOULD have died, but didn’t. I’ll briefly recount a couple of them.

The first is from back in Vanilla, during my very first raid into Molten Core. My guild at the time had done a lot of recruitment and they were going back into MC to gear a lot of us new people up. They were going over the strategy for Baron Geddon, which involves him turning someone into a bomb, and that person has to run away from the raid, or else the resulting explosion will kill lots of people. Our raid leader had arranged us in multiple groups and told us where we were to run if we became the bomb. He decided to practice with a few of the new players. And naturally he picked me first.

“Dahkar, you’re the bomb!”

Not wanting to reply in voice chat, I typed in /y “ICE BLOCK”

Ice Block removed the bomb debuff without having it explode, you see. Apparently the raid lead didn’t see this, however, so he began to berate me for “wiping the raid”. Luckily, the mage class lead had my back and he responded “Nah, he called Ice Block, he’s good”

The raid lead, apparently, was not amused. “Ha ha, very funny, Dahkar. Fine, you’re the bomb again!”

I should have simply just moved so he’d harass someone else. But then I would not be me. So instead I yelled “COLD SNAP! ICE BLOCK!”

Cold Snap instantly reset the CD on many frost abilities back then, including Ice Block.

I won’t repeat here the string of profanities that lit up our voice chat. But much laughter ensued to go along with it, and we eventually DID kill the Baron.

And then there’s THIS asshole….

Story number 2 is from Wrath of the Lich King, specifically the Lich King fight in ICC. Most of you all are aware of the mechanics of this fight, including what happens when you reach 10% of Arthas’ health. I was a part of 2 raid teams back then, a core 10-man group, and a larger 25-man team that expanded from them. This particular fight was the 25-man version.

During the fight, which was proceeding fairly normally, my WoW client decided to completely lock up. Just straight up froze. And I tried everything to shut it down short of just turning off my PC. I could hear voice chat, but I couldn’t Alt-Tab out of WoW, Ctrl-Shift-Esc to bring up the task manager wasn’t doing anything, I was stuck. And the fight was in the middle of Phase 3, and I was near the middle of the platform. That’s normally where our raid lead had assigned us to drop the Defile. I was mortally terrified someone was going to drop one near me and I wouldn’t be able to move and end up wiping the raid.

Now, I’m playing on a laptop at this point, and suddenly I think “Maybe if I close the lid and reopen it, it’ll break the lock”. And lo and behold, it works. Sort of. I can still hear voice chat, and my task manager has popped up! I hit “End process” on World of Warcraft….and noting happens. Well crap.

The raid team is cracking up at me, because not only have they managed to put defiles down in such a way that I’m not in them, but now they’re leading the Vile Spirits into me. I can’t tell if they’re trying to kill me off so I don’t end up standing in a defile or if I’m just a damage sponge for the off tank at this point, but the healers are keeping me alive, so I’m laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Finally, they get him down to 10%, and the RP mode ensues…..and my client closes.

Oh now I’m panicking. Will I get the achievement? Is it awarded at the 10% or later when he actually dies? I grab my phone, pull up the authenticator, and furiously log in as fast as I can.

And there I am. Alive. Standing next to the Lich King, the corpses of my teammates all around me. Naturally they start cheering me on to solo Arthas, so I start DPSing as hard as I can. Naturally I can’t quite pull it off, so the rest of the RP plays out and we kill ol’ Lichy-Butt. And yes, I did get the achievement.

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