Blog Challenge #15: Why do you love WoW and what makes you keep coming back to it?

Challenge #15 is one that actually has resonated a lot with me lately, as I took an extended break from the game, aside from raiding, to play through Mass Effect Andromeda.

I just completed it this past weekend, and only recently did I start actively playing again, trying to get that sweet sweet Armies of Legionfall rep so i can FINALLY fly. I’ve also been helping my wife level her druid, since she wants to make that her new raiding main.

If you’ve been reading the stuff I post here, you’re probably aware that I’ve been raiding with the elemental shaman for most of this expac, save a brief period of time when I swapped back to the mage because elemental damage was just awful. So while most of my accomplishments up to this point have been on the shaman, I’ve tried my best to keep up my mage as well. At the time I had stopped playing so actively, he was a bit behind in item level, only had one legendary, was a few points behind in artifact traits for the main spec weapon, just stuff like that. Nothing huge.

They are a PAIN IN THE BUTT to get to without flying but MAN are they good XP

One of the first things I started doing when I got near the end of Andromeda and began logging into WoW again was the new demon invasions, because for non-max-level players, they give hella good bonus XP. My wife wanted her a new druid and gosh darnit, we were gonna get her one. And for whatever reason, I decided to help her out on the mage. And it felt like coming home. Then we started taking advantage of the Bonus Rep weekly event. I’d been sending out Order Hall missions on the Legion app so I had a few rep tokens and such, and the mage was the smallest bit ahead of the shaman, so i decided again to grind that rep out on the mage. And again, it felt like I’d come home. Or maybe put on a favorite shirt.

Anyway, after the week was over, I’d accomplished the following:
1. Got  2 new legendaries, one for Frost and a second Fire one.
2. Jumped ahead of the shaman in iLevel
3. Progressed further in the Order Hall Tree than the shaman
4. Unlocked both of the new mage followers, one of whom is aight and another who is absolutely hysterical, compared to that piece of garbage follower that shaman get (Seriously in another blogpost I am going to go on a rant about Magatha and how sick I am of Blizzard forcing us to work with and/or for despicable asshats but thats another time)


Also my wife’s druid is now 110 and beginning the long haul of gearing up and completing her class hall content. Nice job hon!

And I cannot believe just how much fun it has been. It’s due in large part because I am playing this game with my wife, but also returning to the class that just plain feels right to me. Don’t get me wrong, I maintain that I don’t believe Blizzard has done a perfect job of capturing the class fantasy and identity of the mage. But they’ve done a very good job, to the point where it still feels right to me, that even though it isn’t perfectly what I think it should be, it’s what I would want to do if I lived in Azeroth.

I don’t love every single thing about WoW. I have issues with the storytelling both in methodolgy and content. I think there are key features from other MMOs that WoW is LONG overdue to add. I don’t believe the constant focus on the endgame rather than a holisitic focus on the entire 1-cap experience is long-term healthy for the game. But Azeroth is an amazing universe that I’ve loved since Warcraft 3, and one that I’ve made many numerous friends and had a lot of wonderful experiences in. And it’s always felt like home. When I’ve played other MMOs, they just feel like vacations or semesters abroad. World of Warcraft is my home MMO, and probably will be for a very long time.

And that’s why I keep coming back.

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