Blog Challenge #16: Which zone or area in WoW reminds you of your home?

Gonna be honest, I don’t think this is the greatest topic for the blog challenge, but that might just be me. I mean, I’m from North Central Texas, specifically Fort Worth. It’s a pretty flat area, no real interesting geographic features, just a lot of big open land, which means plenty of room for a whole bunch of cities to expand. Seriously, look up Dallas and Fort Worth on Google Maps. You have two pretty big cities right next to each other, surrounded by small suburbs all around it, all in a relatively smooth area. That’s home for me. Even now, living in the Denver Colorado area, sure I’m surrounded by pretty mountains, but I’m a city guy through and through, so that’s what I consider to be “home”.

Sometimes I wish the game world wasn’t so scaled down. I get why, but I just wish I could explore it as the move depicted it sometimes

And there’s no real place in WoW that reminds me of that. Stormwind? Stormwind’s a port city with lots of canals set up against mountains and a forest. Suramar’s not that much different. Dalaran feels rather cramped in, and also there’s the whole flying thing. Silvermoon might be close, but again it doesn’t FEEL big. None of the other “cities” in the game really fit the aesthetic of a human city enough to remind me of home, and there’s really not a zone that fits the whole flat grasslands/farmlands that are just outside of DFW. Mulgore might be close, but really even that’s pretty mountainous in comparison.

So unfortunately, nothing really fits my home, either current or original. Not to say I wouldn’t mind living in Stormwind, Dalaran, or Silvermoon, but they don’t remind me of home.

While thinking about what to write for this challenge, I was reminded that we as players have never ever seen Shattrath at it’s peak. We only saw the ruins in Burning Crusade, and the city as a war zone in Warlords. And that, to me, is a shame. Shattrath in Warlords looked pretty massive, far bigger than the ruins from BC, and it really sucks that we’ll likely never get to explore it at it’s peak. It’s part of the reason why I chose a sprawling Draenei city as my locale for the Design Your Own Zone challenge, because I so badly want to see what a massive Draenei city looks like.

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