New hidden appearance colors unlocked

So I finally completed the “Do 200 World Quests with a hidden appearance” achievement….well it’s not actually an achievement, per se, but you get the idea. I did it. I’ve unlocked all three hidden artifact appearances on my mage at this point, so I went and selected the new colors available to me.

This post documents my reactions.



Aight, not bad. The sheephead is more Bronze than silver and instead of the purple eyes and ribbon things in the sheep mane, now they’re blue. Okay, looks pretty good. I mean, I hate Arcane and I’m probably never gonna play it, but still, not a bad looking tint.



Okay, yeah, this is pretty awesome. Still got the whole “star-sword” thing going on but now it’s encased in red crystal rather than blue. I like it. Definitely evokes more of a phoenix design at the hilt, and overall feels more….well fiery for lack of a better description.



…..what the hell.

This hidden appearance is called “Frostfire Remembrance”. The original coloration was an icy blue staff with red-orange flames. It’s supposed to evoke imagery of our long departed Frostfire Bolt spell and the days of “elementalist” talent builds.

And you give me THIS as a reward for doing 200 WQs with it? I’m sorry, I thought I picked “mage” at the character creation screen, not Warlock!

Sigh. Guess I better start PVPing or running dungeons again. Ah well.


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  1. Alludra says:

    At least the pvp you do in world quests counts tword the pvp achivement! (Unless you mean arenas/RBG appearance!)


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