Blog Challenge #17: Best Dressed

Wait…..Z and Cinder, you want me to talk about all my favorite transmogs? You sure you got the time to read all that? Cause I got a lot of em, and I even have stories for quite a few of them. You absolutely SURE you’re ready for this braindump? (sidenote: My wife cracked up when she found out this was the new topic, cause she knew how long it was gonna take me to do)

Aighty then, buckle up. Cause HERE WE GO.

Actually a lot of this might be a bit of a rehash from the “Show off your alts” post I did, but I didn’t go into a lot of the backstory of the transmogs in question, so hopefully you’ll still find it enjoyable.

Let’s start with the mage, who has returned as my main in full force after my break in Andromeda.

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a fondness for Troll-themed transmogs, in no small part due to the fact that my two most played characters are in fact trolls. And Blizzard has provided me with some truly great ones with the revamp of the Zul’aman and Zul’Gurub dungeons in Cataclysm, as well as the Throne of Thunder raid in Mists. When I began collecting the ones from ZA and ZG, I even came up with a way to add them to my mage’s backstory. In my original version of the story, prior to Thrall discovering and aiding the Darkspears in the prelude to Warcraft 3, Dahkar was a physically weak troll who could never pull his weight in the tribe. His brother (my shaman, Durnnit), always did his best to cover for him, but the tribe’s witch doctors were always on the lookout for sacrifices to appease the loa and ease their brutal existence, and one mistake would be his doom. All of that changed once the events of the prelude campaign occured and the Darkspear’s joining of the Horde. After the Third War, I read somewhere (I cannot find the source now) that the Darkspear Tribe initially learned the arcane arts from scavenging spellbooks from killed Alliance mages, later augmented by instruction from their Forsaken allies. I wrote Dahkar in as being one of those early students.

However, with the acquisition of the troll themed cloth mog sets, I added that Dahkar resented and hated his culture as a result of his upbringing, modeling himself and wearing the garb of more traditional human or elven mages, even joining the Kirin Tor during Wrath of the Lich King and serving as a liaison between them and the Horde until Garrosh took power, at which point he joined the Kirin Tor full time until Jaina cast the Horde out of Dalaran (which actually overlaps incredibly well with the time period in which I was playing Dahkar less in favor of other characters). However, after Garrosh’s fall and Vol’jin’s ascension to Warchief, he had a conversation with Dahkar that inspired him to not abandon his culture, but to accept that he could and had changed it, lead it to a better place. From that moment on, he began wearing more traditional Darkspear garb. Below are the different examples of this, including his current set from Throne of Thunder.

The two green colored ones are identical except in helm, one being a traditional wooden mask, the other the collar common to the other outfits. The green outfit drops from bosses in ZA and ZG, while the red and blue versions to the top right can usually be found on the AH (search for “Forlorn Loa-Binder” and “Faded Spirit-Wrencher” to find them).

This blue recolor of the Ulduar Tier set is unique in that unlike other colors of the set, the chest item is a robe instead of a regular shirt/vest/whatever. In my version of Dahkar’s backstory, it’s what he wore primarily during his time in the Kirin Tor, however, I in fact didn’t acquire the complete set until Warlords, when, after months and months of farming the place every week, the robe FINALLY dropped. I wore this during the remainder of that expansion until the Legion Pre-patch, when Blizzard annoying broke the set for me by changing the helm to no longer show your character’s hair. Considering that it’s essentially a crown, and you can see the head on top of it, it now makes my mage look bald, which I’m not okay with.


Since none of my many other mage sets really have story attached to them, let’s move on to the shaman. Similar to Dahkar, I really like Troll mogs on him. Sadly I don’t have quite the compelling backstory for them that I do for others, but they are still quite awesome.

From left to right, top row and then bottom row….

  1. This is the Shaman class hall set, minus the legs which are the PvP season 12 gladiator pants. The class hall pants are just regular pants, which look dumb on trolls, due to their skinny legs and lack of ability to wear shoes. With the strange masks on the belt, shoulders, and even the helm, it feels very troll thematic to me, and considering that both the elemental and enhancement hidden appearances are troll themed as well, I wonder if that was intentional on Blizzard’s part.
  2. This is the Nighthold shaman tier set, specifically from Normal. I just think it looks awesome and shaman-y, with the lightning effects on the shoulders, belt, and helm. You can’t see it in this picture, but periodically lightning will arc across the set’s front. It’s pretty awesome.
  3. As I’ve talked about before, this is the Ulduar shaman tier set. It’s a very unique take on the common troll “mask” look, and it’s even called the Witch Doctor’s regalia. I like to imagine that Durnnit wears it either in defiance of the old Witch Doctor practices that would have gotten his brother killed or as a way to lead the Darkspear into a new way of viewing their classic culture.
  4. This is also from PvP season 12, except it’s the crafted version. You might recall that Mists’ first pvp season offered craftable PvP gear that was essentially a lower-ilevel-recolor of that season’s gladiator gear, this is the shaman version. I really love the wooden hat and the green glow it overlays your eyes with. Because of that, I refer to this set as “the Greenseer”
  5. Okay, come on, what serious shaman player HASN’T farmed the Skyshatter set? It’s one of the most iconic shaman sets in the game. I hope I’m able to one day farm the upgraded version coming in Tomb of Sargeras, cause it’s just that great.
  6. Finally, we have one of the sets available from the revamped ZA and ZG, except this time in Mail! You can find most of this set on the AH usually, search for “Brittle Flamereaver”

Let’s move on to my sole remaining 110, the Death Knight. I won’t bother showing you the Acherus Knight set that all DKs start with, or the blue set you get for completing the DK starting zone, because every Death Knight has those and most have used them at one point or another.

No, for Texaporte here, I just have one set to show you, alongside three different weapons, one for each spec. It’s one you’ve no doubt seen many times, it’s the purple recolor of Paladin Tier 2 available in the heroic dungeons from the Burning Crusade expansion.

My backstory for Texaporte is that in life, he was the righteous paladin Sir Teximus Porte (hey YOU try taking a joke name and making it lore-appropriate), so staunch in his faith that even when he originally died and became a Forsaken, he refused to give up on the ideals, or the armor that symbolized them. He refused to join the Forsaken, instead allying himself with the Argent Dawn as Leonid Barthalomew did. Unfortunately he fell again in battle and was raised into the cold existence of a Death Knight, his own desire surpressed against the will of the Lich King. Unable to face his brothers in the Argent Crusade again after the Battle of Light’s Hope, he became a mighty force among the Ebon Blade, though still mocked by the other death knights for his beliefs. He isn’t delusional, he knows the powers he wields are not of the light, but that does not stop him from praying to it or invoking its name in combat. I don’t consider him to be the Deathlord, just a champion in service, and consequently i transmog over the artifact weapons with other weapons that match the set. The Blood axe is replaced by the Hammer of the Naaru, the Frost swords by the Bloodmaw Magus-Blade from the original Gruul encounter , and the Unholy axe by the Claymore of Ancient Power, which drops from the Four Horseman encounter in 10-Man Naxxramas

Let’s have a look at Oldmanfranks, my warlock. And again, I’m not interested in showing off the Voidheart set, the Corruptor set, or the Malefic set, the three raid tier sets from Burning crusade, because as awesome as they are, every lock practically has them.

I do have a few to share with you, and they’re tied to the time when I actually mained the Warlock during Mists of Pandaria. As I’ve mentioned before I LOVE Pandaria and would vacation there if Azeroth was a real place. I decided to add this love to Oldmanfranks’ backstory. In life, before becoming undead, OMF was a farmer in Lordaeron named Eugene Franks who just wanted to be left in peace. The Scourge….did not agree with this point of view, needless to say, and he found himself a mindless undead until freed by Sylvanas. Just prior to the events of Mists, events happened which put him on the bad side of the Dark Lady. Needing to put some distance between himself and Undercity, Franks accepted a post on the ships that would eventually find Pandaria, and he found himself falling completely in love with the continent. The land, the Pandaren people, everything called to him. He adopted their customs, wore their garb, even rekindled a love of farming by helping Farmer Yoon with Sunsong Ranch. There was no doubt in his mind, this was home. So after adventuring all throughout Pandaria, he settled there, and made it his home, until it became clear that events would not permit him to live a life free of conflict. His home was threatened by the sha and the madness of Garrosh, and so to battle he returned. These two mogs are a part of this time in his life.

To the left, you see some traditional Pandaren cloth garb (which you acquire during the Valley of the Four Winds questing) and to the right is the raid finder version of the Tier 14 set, which Franks ripped from the sha he conquered for his new home and wore not only for intimidation, but to steal their power.

I also have this lovely gem from a costume contest my guild put on, Oldmanfranks’ Skeletor costume. Everyone say it with me: “I’LL GET YOU, HE-MAN!”


Now for my rogue, well, he’s probably got the most number of transmog sets I WANT to farm, but haven’t been able to find time to do yet. I love a LOT of the rogue sets, but for now there’s only one I want to show to you, and it ties into his backstory a bit.

See, Beskar is a killer. No, I don’t mean metaphorically, like he’s a badass or anything. Beskar is a straight up murderer. He got away with it for a long time too, by being a part of the new Shattered Hand, Orgrimmar’s intelligence agency and pseudo-secret police, but eventually he was caught. However, his skills at masking the evidence of his kills and evading capture were simply too good to not make use of him, and luckily Vol’jin had the solution. He ordered Beskar to be adorned in a very special set of armor, magically enchanted to increase his abilities at evasion and avoiding detection, and with one very special hex: anyone he killed without the direct approval of Vol’jin or his designated representative would strike him with an extremely severe illness, one so strong it would prevent him from hurting anyone. Removing the armor would also immediately activate the hex as well. Beskar was forced to wear this armor for the longest time in service to the Horde, specifically at the direction of Vol’jin’s good friend and ally, Archmage Dahkar…..until Vol’jin’s death broke the armor’s enchantments. Now Beskar has disappeared. And Dahkar and his allies sleep a little more warily, for fear their former charge will come seeking revenge.


This set, as you might not be surprised to learn, is from the revamped ZA and ZG, and the vast majority of it can be found on the AH (look for Timeworn Shadowtooth)

My priest doesn’t have a large number of transmogs either, but here’s a small sample of them.

  1. This one is a PvP set from Wrath that I picked up late in Warlords. It looks pretty awesome as a Shadow priest.
  2. This one is the Blue Kirin Tor set I mentioned above in the Mage section. I occasionally wear it to show people what a Tauren mage would look like, heh.
  3. This one isn’t quite the Tier 5 set that practically every priest has, but a combination of Tier 5, Warlords PvP shoulders (I think they look better than the Tier 5 for wings), and a crafted cloth helm from Cata, I think. It looks less like some kind of holy avatar, and more like a healing super hero, the mysterious angel Tauren who saved the day and was gone just as quickly. Definitely my favorite of all of his sets.


I don’t know of a lot of Hunter sets that I particularly like, but I have put this sweet one together for mine. Being a goblin, I wanted to give him kind of a high-tech looking transmog to match the gun model he has there.


Around the time that Mechanical pets went live with the Legion pre-patch, I hit upon a story idea for him. What if that wasn’t just high tech looking armor….what if Nertz had been grievously wounded and replacement parts were required to keep him alive? What if he were more machine than goblin? And all of his formerly loyal living pets deserted him immediately, unwilling to bond with a machine, leaving him with only the mechanical pets as companions? It sounds fun, even if a bit far fetched for WoW’s current technology levels

I don’t really have any interesting transmogs for my remaining Horde alts (they’re all either tier sets that everyone has or have no particular story attached to them, just random things I threw together), but I do have a nifty one for my Alliance warrior, my sole level 100+ on that faction. See, my wife and I decided to boost a couple of Pandaren characters to see the Alliance content in Warlords. She chose a monk named Jaramade (Mara Jade with the first letters reversed) and I made a warrior named Irohbafett (a mashup of Boba Fett and General Iroh) The story I concocted for them is that both were longtime lovers on the Wandering Isle, loving each other as much for their differences as their similarities. While Jaramade was a devoted adherent of the Tushui philosophy, Iroh refused to chose one or the other, though his personality would seem to lean towards Huojin. When the Horde and Alliance came to the Isle, Jara of course chose to go to the Alliance, and while Iroh privately would have liked to see the Horde, he would never abandon his beloved Jara. Both would go on to become heroes of the Alliance, especially distinguishing themselves in Pandaria, where Iroh was recognized far and wide as being a great war commander, and Jara his loyal and devoted second in command. The outfit in question is a questing plate set, with a Tushui tabard and the Legendary cloak from Pandaria (though you can’t see it).


I hope you all enjoyed my little Transmog show! If you’re a Z and Cinder contributor, I look forward to seeing your own posts on your favorite transmogs! If you aren’t one, well you should consider becoming one, but if not, post yours below! Love to hear stories behind great looking mogs!

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  1. excellent! love them


  2. mrandmrswow says:

    I Iove how you’ve spent so much time writing all the back story, but I totally zoned out of the words and just looked at the pretty pictures! Lovely!


    1. thebmatt says:

      awww I put a lot of work into those words 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  3. repgrind says:

    I absolutely love your backstories, especially for your two Forsaken.


    1. thebmatt says:

      Thank you, You might want to read the story I linked in the Oldmanfranks section as well. It includes the backstory for my low level Forsaken warrior


  4. Karen L says:

    omg the Skeletor one! I love them all, but that one is amazeballs! Lok’Tar!


    1. thebmatt says:

      Thanks! I have to admit I first read about that one in an old WoW Insider article. I’ve modified it some, but it’s the same mog heh.


  5. Strumpet101 says:

    I absolutely LOVED this post! I am such a sucker for transmog and it really bothers me when even a little detail in coloring is incorrect in my sets. I’ll tweak for ages just to get it right. I’m in love with your DK’s robe. Not so much the entire look – it’s a little TOO colorful? But the robes??? Drool.


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