Okay, guys, can we be real here? World of Warcraft, from a story perspective, is NOT GOOD right now. The Broken Shore weekly stuff is just pure hot garbage grindquests with no story to go with them, just lots of “hey do this thing, don’t ask how it contributes to us opening the Tomb, just do it”.

I’m going to have to eventually do this crap because I want those class mounts, but DAMN is this awful.

And I don’t get why they just did bother writing anything decent considering the previous patch gave us the pretty-good Insurrection storyline (it would have been better except elves, ugh) which lead up to us going into the Nighthold.

Come on Blizzard, can we get some consistency here?

And I mean GOOD story, Blizzard, not hamfisted garbage like my shaman being forced to accept this bitch as a follower. Real talk, people, I quit maining my shaman in part due to this garbage. I hate her so much. 

Broken Shore might be interesting as a gear catchup mechanic, for both mains and alts alike, but that only goes so far, and right now, I don’t even want to bother logging in to grind for Legionfall supplies in hopes I get a better legendary than the ones I have. Yes I realize this means I’m not improving myself to help my truly amazing raid team, but frankly, I just can’t right now. I can’t force myself to play the game when it isn’t fun.

So all I can do is look forward to next month when we get the Tomb unlocked, as well as the Deaths of Chromie scenario, which hopefully promises some more interesting gameplay.

In the meantime, I’m heading back into another MMO I’ve tried in the past, one that seems very strongly committed to delivering an epic story.

What is it, you ask? Well, go on, give it a guess!

RIFT? Well, no. While RIFT does present a pretty interesting new world to run around in, I’m not a fan of the backstory for the player characters, because it’s essentially the same for everyone with almost no room for creating your own distinct history, especially with class identity (because there really isn’t any).

Wildstar? HAH, no. Haven’t tried that since the beta, never plan to. Biggest disappointment for a game I was very hyped for.

Star Wars: The Old Republic? Hrmmm, a good guess, you’re all likely aware of what a diehard Star Wars fan I am, and this game was a really good Star Wars MMO….for a while. But the story directions of the most recent expacs have killed my immersion entirely. This whole Eternal Empire nonsense does not feel like a Star Wars story, which is a shame because everything leading up to that was pretty solid. Plus it definitely needs some gameplay overhauls, ability pruning, and most importantly someone actually intelligent making decisions about their Free-to-play model. No, as sad as I am to say this, I’m not interested in touching this game in the immediate future, and the recently released SWTOR roadmap does very little to change my attitude there.

No, the MMO I’m trying again is one I barely played for like a week, but gave up thinking I wouldn’t ever be able to get into it, and that’s Final Fantasy XIV. Watching my boy MannyBerry stream it recently and hearing him describe the storytelling and the gameplay mechanics has inspired me to give it another go. So I’ve made a brand new character and started all over.

And it’s hella pretty too.

And I’m loving it. I haven’t played a lot of Final Fantasy games, but the ones I did play I thoroughly enjoyed, and XIV, even in the early levels, is setting up a truly great epic story in their usual style, something I wasn’t sure they could pull off in an MMO. But so far? They are, and I am seriously enjoying it. And WoW needs to take some notes here. I know in the past they’ve said that they prioritize gameplay over story, but frankly if you aren’t giving me a story in which to have your gameplay? You’re not giving me much of a game at all.


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  1. Alunaria says:

    What a cool looking design your site here has 🙂 Just found it! Looking forward to dive in.

    I wish I had a response to what Blizzard was thinking with Broken Shore. It seems so disconnected from the rest of what they did in Legion; Im honestly not sure at all. Such a puzzle! The quests would probably be “OK” if you do them all at once, but going back once a week to just get a “Do 3 class hall missions” is not fantastic.

    I´m not an expert in Shamans, what is the Follower issue about, could you explain? 🙂

    Oh, that game does looks beautiful. I never tried other games except WoW and a little Diablo, not much time on my hands. I hope you´ll enjoy yourself there and be positively surprised when coming back to WoW 🙂


    1. thebmatt says:

      Thanks Alunaria! I hope you like the rest of my posts.

      To answer your question, the new shaman follower added in the Broken Shore is Magatha Grimtotem, the evil Tauren responsible for Cairne Bloodhoof’s death. Blizzard essentially forces you to accept her using the “oh she’s powerful and we’d rather have her with us than against us” trope. I loathe being forced to work with blatantly obviously evil jerks *coughGarroshcough* and being forced to do it again was the final straw in returning to the mage.

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      1. Alunaria says:

        I sure am so far!
        Oh, I see, thank you for clarifying. Ok, I think I would feel the same way as you on that subject. What an odd way Blizzard have chosen to approach it. I had no idea.
        The things one miss out on when just playing one class. So many class quests to explore. Hope you´re liking your Mage Champions more 🙂 At least there are less rotten apples in that bunch, as far as I can recall reading.


  2. I can’t comment about Legion’s story but I guess as an avid explorer and completionist, I can say a few things about the stories of old zones.

    I pay more attention to Azeroth’s world and its inhabitants than the stories that are offered in bits here or there in lore books, quests or characters, and I can say that I really don’t have a good grasp of what is going on as I continue my adventures from Northshire to Redridge, to Stranglethorn, to Ashenvale, to Stonetalon, to Hinterlands, to Plaguelands, to Burning Steppes, to Feralas, to Tanaris and beyond. It seems to be a huge chaotic world, everything is going on everywhere, not giving the player/adventurer (especially to newcomers) a good idea about what World of Wacraft is about.

    To me, there is no strong feeling of a story that you are following as you play and travel through zones. Perhaps that was intended in design, to avoid the feeling of linear progression. Though, I would surely appreciate to have a better idea what my ultimate goal in Azeroth is, what I am doing why and to look forward to the next stage in the story when I enter a new zone.


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