Blog Challenge #18: The Most Random Thing You’ve Found


I had a hard time with this challenge, because I’m not really the kind of player who wanders around looking for things anymore. Between my 2 children and all the other things that tend to happen as you become an adult, my time in game has gone down significantly on average. Because of that, when I do get a chance to play, I generally have objectives I would like to accomplish, so I try to get as many of them done in that timeframe as possible.

That being said, a recent conversation with my lovely wife about this topic actually did remind me of a cool new pet I found on my Hunter.

I was in Vash’jir, actually looking for another pet: The Blue-Red Warpstalker model. It’s my favorite color scheme of the Warpstalkers, and the mob in Vash’jir seemed to be the most readily available.

However, I somehow got myself pointed in the wrong direction and ended up in the southwestern part of Vash’jir, and before I could turn myslef around….I actually spotted everyone’s favorite crab, Ghostcrawler!

Thankfully, he did NOT try to nerf me.

I was elated. This guy was the secondt Spirit Beast I’d ever found on my hunter, and I really liked the look of him. Needless to say, I quickly tamed him.

But of course, I did still want that Warpstalker, so I swam off in the correct direction to collect him….and then realized I had only freed up one pet slot before coming out there. I was going to have to find a stable master somewhere in this infernal ocean to free up yet another one.


Ah well, still got a cool ghost-crab right?


One Comment Add yours

  1. Alunaria says:

    Congrats! 😀

    I entirely get you; its hard to wander around and “do nothing” when the time you are able to play is so short.

    Im glad to hear Ghostcrawler is in your hands now – does that mean we can expect to see few nerfs across the table? 😉


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