Blog Challenge #19: Picking a Character Name


It’s another suggestion of mine this week from Z and Cinder, and I’m all too happy to contribute to this one…except I wish it was a different answer!

I would love to be able to say I have a certain naming scheme/convention for my characters, but sadly they are kind of a mishmash of things. I DO have a number of characters with names ending in “-ar” but sadly that is merely a coincidence.

So instead I am left with the only option of going through each one of my characters and talking about where I got their names. Some of this will be a re-tread of the “Show off your alts” post, so I apologize for that.

I try to make my names be lore appropriate, although some of them are quite a bit of a stretch, which forces me to be creative with their backstories to justify it.

Let’s actually start with my undead warlock, Oldmanfranks. Come to think of it, this will also cover my undead warrior, Omf, since his name is just an abbreviation (which is intentional because they’re supposed to be the same character, but that’s another story). Old Man Franks was a character I played on the now-ended Extralife Radio podcast, one who also crossed over into the Instance podcast (both hosted by the awesome Scott Johnson). He somehow became sort of popular, so I adopted the name to use when I joined their fan guild, alea iacta est (where I still make my Azeroth home to this day).

Durnnit, my shaman, was the first alt I made on that realm (I had other alts that existed prior to that) and his name comes from the character Old Man Franks’ signature catchphrase.

Next up are the pair of characters who had their names spit out by random generators. Dahkar was the first character I ever made, and I wanted a lore appropriate Troll name for him. I thought for sure that using the game’s built in random generator would do it, so I kept hitting that button until it gave me something I liked. Dakhar was the first thing it spit out that I liked, but the name was taken, so I revered the H and K. I tried putting apostrophes in it, to make it Dah’kar, because back then I was under the belief that ALL trolls had a name which recquired an apostrophe somewhere, but alas the game did not like it, so I was stuck with Dahkar. Now, somehow, someway, I got through the whole of the base game, and 4 expansions, without ANYONE making a joke about the fact that the same sounds like “the car” until I joined my current raid team, who have been making them pretty much nonstop. Don’t ask me how, but my wife says I’m not allowed to change the name.

Second up on the random list is Zenjulin, my druid. For this guy, when I race changed him, I was a bit smarter, and hit up the old Google for a “WoW Troll name generator”. Yes that does exist, for which I am thankful. It gave me quite a few names I didn’t like, before coming up with Zenjulin, which is a nice combo of Zul’jin and Sen’jin.

Now we can move on to names that I actually got inspiration from, and we’ll start with my Priest and Paladin, since they’re tied together. As I’ve mentioned before, my priest was initially a druid who essentially “changed class” by virtue of a new race-class combo introduced in Cataclysm and a paid race change. My druid was my very first alt I ever made in the game, and I wanted to come up with his name myself. So I started perusing various books for ideas, one of which was my strategy guide for Final Fantasy X. There’s a boss in that game which summons a creature named Grothia to fight you, and the name struck me. So I removed the “a” at the end, leaving me with Grothi (pronounced GROW-thee). I liked it because it had something sounding like “Grow” in the name, appropriate for a Druid.

This is Grothia, by the way. Yup.

When I made my Tauren Death Knight, I intended for him to be Grothi’s brother, so I wanted to adapt his name somewhat to make their relation clear. I thought about replacing the “gro” part with an opposite word, such as “decay”, which resulted in “Decathi”. I didn’t like it very much, however, as it reminded me of the name “Cathi” too much. I then tried out “shadow” or “shade” which resulted in “Shadothi”. I liked that, so I went with it.

When I race changed my old Paladin and Priest to become Tauren, I wanted them to be these two characters, however, changing a name locks it out for a couple of months, leaving even the original owner unable to access it. Not wanting to pay for another name change to claim them again after they expired, I instead decided to change the last parts of their names to use a different sound, and ended up settling on “-ar”. Ergo they are now Grothar and Shadothar.

Let’s rapid fire my remaining Horde names, as they’re all fairly obscure names taken from various sources.

Beskar is taken from Star Wars, specifically from the whole Mandalorian culture
Arandil was a name I found in a Lord of the Rings compendium somewhere
Nertz is a word I sometimes use in place of the exclamation “nuts!” because it amuses me for some reason.
Kungpaondin is an amalgamation of Kung Pao and Pounding, something my wife game up with as quite appropriate for a Pandaren Monk.

Last but not least, I want to talk about my Death Knight and my sole Alliance 100, my Warrior, because honestly, if I could go back and do it all over again, I think I would use their names as the basis for a naming scheme.

My Death Knight’s name is Texaporte. Say it out loud, quickly. Just do it.

Sounds like “tech support” doesn’t it?

I admit to stealing the name from somewhere (I don’t recall), but the idea of a name that sounds like another word, term, or phrase greatly amuses me. I know there’s probably a term for this, but I haven’t been able to locate the precise definition, or any other amusing examples that aren’t just flat out NSFW.

Finally, there’s my Alliance Warrior Irohbafett. His name is a mash-up of General Iroh (from Avatar the Last Airbender) and Boba Fett (the famous bounty hunter from Star Wars), who are two of my favorite characters ever. If I had the chance to rename all of my characters again, I think sticking with the theme of character name mashups would be quite fun.


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  1. mrandmrswow says:

    Love how much thought goes into your names 🙂


  2. Alunaria says:

    Thank you for sharing 🙂

    You say “I would love to be able to say I have a certain naming scheme/convention for my characters, but sadly they are kind of a mishmash of things. ” – but I find that your way of naming is far more interesting – and you even come up with some great names too!
    (Im surprised of those name generators, not bad names they came up with either!)

    They all fit the races you picked very well too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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