Blog Challenge #29 Part 1: Revisit Your Bucket List

Part 1 of Challenge #29 asks me to revisit my bucket list established way way back in Challenge #7. So let’s have a look

Finish my Legion Leveling Series on my YouTube channel

This one did not happen. Between YouTube’s many well documented ad woes and a whole host of technical problems that resulted in many lost videos, my motivation for YouTube completely fell apart. Also, thanks to an increase in internet speed in my home, the acquisition of a new graphics card and a second monitor, and me figuring out that my OBS was wildly out of date, I was finally able to create a setup that allows me to stream games on Twitch. Both that and writing in this blog is currently doing wonders for fulfilling my creative needs, for now.


Unlock the hidden appearances for both DPS artifacts on my shaman, and all three for my mage.

I got 4 out of 5 here. The Elemental appearance continues to elude me, which considering it’s RNG that it drops from RNG rares in the underbelly, is proving quite irritating. However, since unlocking another color of your hidden appearance unlocks an additional color for the other spec hidden appearances, I was able to get a VERSION of the elemental weapon, which happens to match quite nicely with one of my armor sets. So, call it a pseudo win?



Unlock Broken Isles Pathfinder

Wife and I actually unlocked it together back on April 30th….which just so happens to be our anniversary.


Get my class mounts for the mage and shaman

Not only them, but 7 other characters as well. I actually expanded this goal a bit to include every character I had at 100 at the time, which was everyone but a Warrior (at least on the Horde Side) and a Monk (which I’ve previously established I don’t care for). I still need to complete the Demon Hunter’s class campaign, and I do plan on leveling the Alliance Warrior (he’s currently 101)


“Finish” the Order Hall Campaigns for at least three more characters up to the current point allowed.

Seems pretty clear when I wrote this we didn’t really have any idea how the class mounts would actually be unlocked. Obviously if I have 9 class mounts, I’ve done more than the three additional class storylines I set for myself.

So that’s all for this one. Part 2, which is a year in pictures, will likely not be up until after new year’s. We leave on Thursday for a long trip to Texas and won’t be back until after the new year. I won’t have my computer with me so I won’t be able to view any screenshots.

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  1. Cinder says:

    whoa you did brilliantly this year! Congrats!!


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