Blog Challenge #29 Part 2: 2017 in Pictures

And now for Part 2 of Challenge #29: The Year in Pictures!


OH yeah I know I said it probably wouldn’t be up until the new year, but we’ve gotten a LOT done on the packing front for our trip to Texas, so I actually have time to do this part as well.

So here goes! One screenshot for every month of 2017!

The problem is….I don’t take a lot of screenshots unless it’s for this blog. Hopefully you don’t mind if there’s a few repeats in here



This is my only screenshot for this month. My mage, proudly holding aloft the hidden Frost Mage appearance.



My shaman hanging out with two of my raid teammates, played by two guys I’m proud I can call friends in real life: Brian of Coverville and Ben from Azeroth Roundtable and Battlepets



My raid team decided that Elisande needed better taste in concubines. FOR THE HORDE.



I’m not sure WHAT we were doing here. Looking awesome, I guess!



My screenshot folder in May is dominated by shots of different transmogs for the Transmog topic. So here’s one of my favorites from that list.



I have exactly two screenshots from June. I made them to ask my raid teammates which transmog I put together incorporating the Nighthold Tier 19 helm and shoulders they liked the best. This one is the one that won



During the Auction House Dance Party, my wife and I hopped on our rogues and got to the top of the AH with our grappling hooks.



Our guild held it’s annual “Running of the Beef” event, in which we make a bunch of low level characters and run them on some crazy journey. This year we all made tauren warriors in honor of our friend Ralff who passed away this year. Unfortunately, Blizzard’s changes with regards to low level characters being in a raid group as well as the mess of CRZ make this event unlikely to happen again unless we can find a way around it.



My hunter along with what I like to call “Team Wolfhawk”. I had the mount already, but this month I unlocked Power Ascended on my Beast Mastery weapon and gained the ability to tame Feathermanes. Needless to say, I grabbed me a Blue Wolfhawk as soon as I could. They look amazing.



I don’t know why I took this. Oh wait yes I do. STELLAGOSA BEST DRAGON WAIFU



On my low level Alliance Hunter, all my pets are named after my two kids or my best friend’s three kids (who I’m the Godfather of). Amelie, my daughter who turned 4 during this month, decided she didn’t want to be a kitty, she wanted a different pet. So we looked through all the available options….and you guessed it, she picked a spider. The last time she saw a spider in her room, she screamed. And now she wants to be one on daddy’s character. What.



On this moment, I checked off the last goal for my alt lock.

See you all next year!

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