Blog Challenge #30: 2018 Bucket List


Sorry Z and Cinder, looks like I jumped the gun on this one. Should have guessed this would be your first topic.

Then again, I suppose I’ve almost missed this week’s blog for my own goals, so I guess I should thank you for a quick cop-out, I suppose.

I haven’t made much progress on them either. In fact, about the only thing I have made progress on is that we’ve taken down more bosses in Antorus since my last post, clearing the monkey off of our backs that was the Antoran High Command and one-shotting Imonar for good measure.

But aside from that? No progress anywhere! Haven’t leveled my Alliance warrior in WoW, haven’t sent any of my SWTOR characters into the Knights of the Eternal Throne content, haven’t fired up any of my PS4 titles. I’ve just been doing the one thing I said I DIDN’T want to make a goal, leveling my low level SWTOR characters.

I did delete my low level Togruta Sith Marauder I showed off in my Lightsabers post for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was legitimately just not having fun playing him as Dark side. I know, he’s a Sith, that’s how he SHOULD be played, but I don’t care. It’s more fun to subvert the expectations in that class story. I’ve done the Sith Inquisitor as dark, and I’m doing a few others again as a Darksider, but the Sith Warrior just isn’t one I find enjoyable. The second reason is that I wanted to hear the story from a different voice than I did the first time. So I decided to eliminate him and remake him, this time as a human lady.

Say hello to the new Amarach!

New Amarach.PNG

I’m digging her outfit, it makes me laugh to see a Sith dressed in stereotypical smuggler garb. Also blue hair is always good, right?

Amarach sabers.PNG

And of course ya gotta have some blue sabers when you’re lightside and you have blue hair!

I’m told there’s a re-customization NPC on the fleet somewhere, so one day I’ll head over there and change her hair to green and swap out for some green blades, perhaps.

Anyway, that’s enough of that, head on over to the above linked post to see my actual 2018 goals, and until next time, behave yaself!!

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