SWTOR outfits – Part 1: Republic

Yes, yes, another Star Wars the Old Republic post on a WoW Blog. Shush. It’s been more compelling to me than Legion lately, a LOT more, so I’m going to write about it more as a result. When we get closer to Battle For Azeroth, I’m sure that will change.

In the meantime, I’d like to show off the various outfits I’ve made in the game. The Outfit Designer is SWTOR’s answer to WoW’s Transmog system, and in my opinion, it’s a much nicer design. In Warcraft, you have to transmog the existing item you have equipped to a new look, which means if you replace it, you have to find a transmog NPC to change it again. You can have a maximum of three different transmogged looks at a time, and you have to swap specs to get to the others. And perhaps the most annoying of the bunch, there’s no changing the look of a piece of gear. If you want a matching outfit you’ll have to hunt down all the pieces yourself, or hope you have something close enough.

None of this is true of SWTOR’s outfit designer. Your outfit remains the same regardless of your current gear and how much you swap it around. You can have up to 8 outfits saved at a given time (though you do have to pay in-game currency to unlock the slots beyond the first), and you can freely swap between them at any given point (modifying the outfit does incur a small cost however). And finally, the game has a dye system, so you can change the colors of specific pieces if you like, but it also has a “Unify to chestpiece” toggle that changes the color of your gear to match the colors of your chest slot item. This gives you a LOT more freedom to build a good looking set of gear.

There IS one very big place World of Warcraft has SWTOR beat, and that’s the wardrobe system. Every piece of gear you pick up, the appearance is saved into your wardrobe, so you can use it for Transmog even if you sell or destroy the item itself. Also SWTOR currently does not let you add weapons to the outfit designer, but since most of the game’s best weapons are modifiable, that’s relatively minor.

For the rest of this post I’d like to show off the looks I’ve made for my various characters in SWTOR. Given that the game has 16 possible classes, however, I’m splitting it into two parts. This one will cover my 8 republic characters. We’ll begin with the highest level and work our way down.

Also for you longtime players, keep in mind that I most recently quit the game back in KOTFE. I don’t have any level 70 characters yet (working on it) so I’ve never gotten any gear from the Command system, and I never did any of the reputations back then either. I know there’s some truly good looking sets out there waiting for me, I’ll get to them eventually.

Bmatt the Jedi Sentinel

Bmatt (named after my RL nickname) was my first Republic character, created way back in the game’s early days. He’s had many great outfits, but these are the two I currently use.

Bmatt awesomeness.PNG
This set is a craftable set of armor known as the Hypercloth Force Expert’s gear. I’ve always been a big fan of the look of “Republic Trooper armor with a Jedi Robe over it” and the blue and gray coloring on the armor is absolutely one of my favorite color combos. I’ve always wanted this look for him, but never knew where to get it. Thanks to this video from Swtorista, I do now!

Bmatt old raid set.PNG
This set is one of the game’s very first endgame “tier” sets. At one point (I believe when the first expansion was released?) upon hitting level 50, you were given an amount of currency that let you purchase your very first tier set, and that’s how I got this. Sadly that vendor is gone, so I have no idea if this set is still available, but I keep it around for nostalgia’s sake, since I wore it as gear and later as an outfit for so long.

Oldmanfranks the Jedi Shadow

Oldmanfranks was named after the character I voiced on the Extralife Radio and Instance podcasts way back when. Now in any MMO I play, I try to make a version of the character.

OMF set
I don’t believe for one second I’m done with building this set, but for now, here it is. The outfit I wore for the longest time on him was very simple, a completely black robe with a set of very small blue accents. For reasons of his backstory (touched on in my Lightsabers post) I feel that color scheme fits him best. However, outside of it’s color I wasn’t a big fan of the robe itself, so I’ve tried the color scheme on other armor pieces, and this is the current one. I’m not the biggest fan of it mainly because it has elements of brown I can’t recolor, but the overall design is much better than what he had.

Moriar’ty the Gunslinger Smuggler

I seriously love my Smuggler. Yes he’s a truly evil-looking Sith Pureblood, but he’s charming, witty, and loyal to his friends in the Republic. You all know how much I love strange race-class combos!

moriarty look.PNG
Given that by the end of the class story, you’re a major kingpin of the criminal world, this outfit is just perfect to me. It looks like a combination of a laid back smuggler jacket combined with the dress uniform of an old cavalry officer in a real world military. It’s a ridiculous affectation that Moriar’ty would love.

Texaporte the Vanguard Trooper

Say the name quickly. Heh. Yeah I love it. I’ve been through several iterations with a trooper, ultimately setting on a Vanguard advanced class (to have different gameplay than my Merc Bounty Hunter) and a Chiss for the race.

tex is all shiny and chrome.PNG
Trooper armor does run kind of a gamut of different looks, but I was always on the hunt for something that looks akin to a standard Republic Trooper or Imperial Stormtrooper look. I got a hold of this set, the Galvanized Infantry Armor, somehow for fairly cheap, and I absolutely dig the chrome reflective look. I’ve never tried to dye it until fairly recently (more on that in a sec) but I never felt the need to, considering how great it looks.

Utrila the Jedi Guardian

I made Utrila because of the following three things. I wanted a Dark Jedi Knight, I wanted a Guardian, and I wanted a lady character. Ultimately, I settled on a Twi’lek.

My inspiration for her was Darth Talon. Initially I tried to get something as skimpy as Talon’s usual outfits, but I stopped because as I was developing the character’s story, I realized she wouldn’t want to have that kind of getup. So I opted for the above instead. It’s more akin to a workout outfit that doesn’t weigh her down and allows for maximum flexibility.

Sefirena the Jedi Sage

Sefirena is my low level Jedi Consular who I’m trying out the Sage advanced class with. She’s a Cathar, and like all of my Cathar characters, their names are a combo of two cats from the CARE Rescue Texas facility (I’m a fan of the YouTube channel of one of their senior staff )

sefirena looking orange.PNG
She’s still early on in the leveling game, so I don’t doubt this is the final version of her outfit, but I am rather fond of the color scheme of white and orange for her.

Fidgeywidget the Commando Trooper

I know what you’re thinking. “WHAT IS WITH THAT NAME, BRANDON?” I know I know! Naming a Star Wars character, especially a female trooper (who is voiced by the hella awesome Jennifer Hale, voice of badass female chracters everywhere), after my daughter’s cute nickname is a bit immersion breaking. I just had to, though. I don’t know why.

Remember that Galvanized Infantry set I mentioned above? Well, this is that set with a Green dye attached to it. Togruta characters can’t wear helms so that part isn’t showing up, but for now, I dig this appearance for her.

Ravenace the Scoundrel Smuggler

Another Cathar character here, so we have another named combining two cats from CARE Rescue Texas. This guy is pretty new, currently my lowest level Republic character, so he doesn’t have a truly awesome look yet

Yep. Nothing spectacular. Haven’t settled on a good look for him yet, so this is just the gear he currently has equipped. I do like the skullcap tho.

Come back next week for part 2, the Imperial side!

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