SWTOR outfits – Part 2: Empire

Continuing from the last post, we’re gonna take a look at the different outfits I have setup on my Imperial characters.

Beskad the Mercenary Bounty Hunter

This guy is probably the closest I have to a “main” in this game. Because Mandalorians rule! This link here will tell you the source of the name.

beskad mando set.PNG
This is my current favorite look on him. It’s the Mandalorian Seeker armor set with a Black and Red Dye. The helmet has a slightly different dye in it because I preferred the way it looked.

beskad early end set.PNG
This set is a combination of some various gear that you could obtain in the game’s early endgame content. I don’t think much of it is available anymore.

beskad steampunk set.PNG
This is a set that you can craft with the Armormech crew skill, and I really dig it. You look like some kind of crazed feral steampunk hunter. It’s awesome. Currently no dye in it but I plan on seeing if I find one I like in the future

Apocryphas the Sith Sorcerer

Apocryphas is really my only high level dark-side aligned character, and man does that make him hard to play sometimes! Contrary to what SOME of you might think, I’m not a very evil person, and playing it in a video game is hard for me!

Apocryphas armor.PNG
This is his current outfit I wear most of the time. I wanted a set with a black hooded robe and a masked helmet that looked intimidating, but wouldn’t hide the hood when it was equipped (you’d be surprised how rare that is).

Apocryphas old end armor.PNG
You might remember back when I talked about my Jedi Sentinel in my other post how you used to be able to acquire the first “tier” set upon hitting level 50 during the game’s first expansion. This is the set for Sith Inquisitors. I like the design, not a big fan of the hat however. Need to do more experimenting with finding a dye that will make the color look better as well.

Ca’taegis the Sith Juggernaut

The random apostrophe aside (had to add that after the most recent server merges as I lost the name that didn’t have it), Cataegis is a Latin word that means “storm”. He’s got some very interesting outfits that aren’t typical for a Sith warrior, which is good, because he’s definitely not your typical Sith.

Cataegis gonna mess you up.PNG
This outfit is meant to be a combination of Darth Vader style armor with a Mandalorian helmet, which is evocative of Darth Revan and the story of how he acquired his iconic mask. But, you might notice one key difference, this armor is white. That’s because not only is Ca’taegis a light-sider, it’s meant to evoke his icy homeworld of Csillia

Cataegis casual.PNG
This is his more casual outfit, a simple gray and silver ensemble. I’ve always been a very big fan of this robe since I acquired it.

Dahkar the Operative Imperial Agent

Yes, I used my troll mage’s name in SWTOR. What of it? My troll is blue, my Chiss Agent is blue, they’re totally alike.

dahk armor.PNG
This jacket/cape thing reminds me a bit of Lando Calrissian’s look in Empire. Which isn’t surpising considering it’s called “Arkan’s Jacket”. Arkan is an NPC you can hunt down during one of the game’s events, and his look and profession look to be directly inspired by Lando as well. It’s a look that I think works well for my Agent

Aemaryllis the Powertech Bounty Hunter

I stole this name from my wife. I do that sometimes. What, she comes up with good names, don’t you judge me.

Aem mando set.PNG
This is one of those cases where I have the set, but for story/RP reasons, I don’t wear it yet. This is a hella sweet looking Mandalorian armor, but since I haven’t gotten to the point in the story for her where she becomes a Mandalorian, I’m not wearing it yet. The cape, to me, evokes a sense of a commanding officer, so I might wait until she gets further in the story where she becomes more well reknowned among them.

Aem intro mando set
This is a set of crafted armor my higher level Bounty Hunter made for her. Kind of a “welcome to the Mandalorian clans, here’s your first armor” kind of look for her. Apologies for the strange looking screenshot, since I can’t wear this set yet, I had to get the screenshot from the “preview” window.

Aem journeyman set.PNG
Finally, this is her current gear, which I really like as kind of a “I’m a seasoned hunter, but I haven’t quite caught the attention of the masters yet” kind of look.

Solanacari the Sith Assassin

Solanacari is another Cathar character of mine, which means we have another named combining two cats from CARE Rescue Texas. I’m playing her as a Light-sided Sith Inquisitor, which is a LOT of fun!

solanacari is all red.PNG
Like I mentioned in the entry for Sefirena, I’m still leveling her, so I doubt this will be the final version of her outfit. I’m still not sure what look would fit her best, so this is definitely a temporary one.

Donoslane the Sniper Imperial Agent

If you’re at all a fan of Aaron Allston’s Star Wars books, the name might sound familiar to you. If you’re not, you should be, they are awesome, and Mr. Allston was gone from this world far too soon.

This is a set I came across in my guild’s bank. I really liked the look, but it was kind of a bad looking Gold and White color combo, so I put this awesome gray and black dye over it for a cool urban camo look.

donoslane unifrom.PNG
I also crafted this armor set to have her wear in more official environments. It’s a pretty awesome looking Imperial uniform. There’s a hat that goes with it, but I don’t wear it because it makes her look bald. That hair is too cool to hide.

Amarach the Sith Marauder

I’ve kind of gone over Amarach a bit in a previous post, so I’ll try not to repeat myself. The name is stolen from my wife’s Death Knight in World of Warcraft, I removed a letter from it however. In google translate, the new name apparently is “deadly” in Irish

New Amarach
When I first made her, I originally just equipped the Nico Okaar’s jacket that gets mailed to all my characters. When I started getting actual gear with stats, I threw it in the outfit designer for grins. At her current level (about 17 or so) I’ve ended up with this outfit with the jacket, red pants, and gray boots and gloves. It looks very “smuggler” to me, which is a hilarious subversion for what you expect a Sith Warrior to wear. Haven’t figured out how to incorporate this into her backstory yet, but I’m looking forward to doing so.

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