More transmog goals completed!

As you all know, I have a love for fun transmog, and this past week, I completed three sets. One I’d been on and off farming for some time, one I sort of stumbled in to, and the third I just grabbed in a single day because it looked good with the new artifact appearance. Yep.

I haven’t met many people who are fans of the Time Lord’s Regalia set for mages, but me? Well, it’s a steampunk inspired set that has a Doctor Who reference in the name. Yeah I kinda dig this a LOT. Problem was that every time I went in to the Dragon Soul raid to collect it, I’d end up not getting the Hood. This wasn’t quite as bad as the Robe for the Kirin Tor Recolor set, which I went into Ulduar to try and get every week for nearly a full year before it dropped, but it was still an annoyance that I couldn’t get it.

Well this past week, it finally dropped for me, and the missing non-set pieces, as it turns out, can just be bought from a vendor. Awesome. And so Time Lord Dahkar is ready to save the universe! Or just sling fire at more badguys. Whichever.

That sword, by the way? It’s like a big reciprocating saw. Seriously, so cool.

While I was clearing that raid, one of the drops I picked up was this robe which just so happens to share the same model as the Priest tier set from the same raid, the Regalia of Dying Light.

dying Light
I love this set, so so much. I’ll explain why in a sec.

Now, as a Mage, I can’t wear the Priest tier set, so I can’t collect the appearance for my wardrobe. But lookalikes? Oh you better believe it. And it turns out that vendor I mentioned above? The one who had the off-set pieces for the Time Lord set? Yeah he’s got a bunch of other gear that shares the various Dying Light appearances. So I bought it all, added it to the wardrobe, and switched over to my Priest to see what slots I was missing the appearances of.

Turns out I was only missing the shoulders….but there’s no way to get the appearance of those without collecting the actual tier set shoulders. Which means only my Priest could ever wear it.

Why is that a problem? You see that facemask on the screenshot above? That’s part of the hood, and it’s one of the best features about the set. The unmoving statuesque face covering just looks intimidating and creepy to me. The problem is, if the hood is worn by a race that has any kind of elongated snout or nose features, then the game only shows the top half of the hood, which ruins the aesthetic. Sadly, my priest, being a Tauren, fits that bill.

bad mask bad
uuuuuugggh it’s just RUINED I tells ya

So pethaps I have another cloth wearing character that could wear it. Dahkar? Nope, Trolls have both a pointy nose and long tusks, they come right through. But my undead Warlock? Oldmanfranks definitely looks perfect in it. I just had to hope I had access to a decently matching set of shoulders. And as it just so happens, I had a pair of PVP shoulders that were darn close to matching the rest of the outfit’s colors, resulting in the below transmog outfit.

Finally, I accomplished a goal I’d had on last year’s bucket list, one that was designed to frustrate me. I unlocked the hidden appearance of my elemental shaman artifact weapon

raden hidden appearance
And now I never have to set foot in that damned Underbelly of Dalaran again. Praise the Titans.

Naturally, wanting to celebrate finally having this, I went through all my available transmog on the shaman to find something that looked good with it, and while I had quite a few options, nothing seemed perfect. So I started looking through his available sets to see if something would work, and I found the Firebird set, from the Mists of Pandaria intro raids. Seemed easy enough to farm, so I went ahead and started tonight, figuring it would take a couple of weeks to collect. But luck was on my side, and most of the major pieces dropped. Only the belt eluded me, but I found a backup that matched well enough. And so now, Durnnit has a new weapon and a new look to go with it.

It’s called the Firebird set, but it’s BLUE. That makes it more awesome.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my new transmog acquisitions!

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