Blog Challenge #33: Design Your Own Achievement

I realize I’m a bit late with this one, I usually try to have a post up every Saturday, but I was pretty messed up this past week. It involved a newly adopted dog, some allergies going into overdrive, not being able to take any medicine while waiting for an appointment with an allergist, and eventually having to return the fuzzy girl back to the shelter, because as I suspected I am hella allergic to dogs.

At any rate, that’s why this post is up a bit late. So let’s get right into it.


Z and Cinder are asking me to design my own achievement, which I admit was a weird one for me. While I certainly have nothing against achievements, I’ve never really given much thought into designing one.

My first thought was a relatively simple one. I called it “Fly the Friendly Skies” and it required you to unlock every single flight point for your faction in the game, across all continents and zones. Not hard, but it would require some doing to make sure you had them all. You could have a series of sub-achievements for each continent that list them all so you can track which ones you’re missing, or if you really wanna be hardcore, don’t include that and make players go nuts as they try and figure out which flight point they are missing to get the achievement! Either way, it could be a fun little diversionary minigame for a bit.

But then I started reading the other submissions for this challenge and it turns out Z already wrote about this one in her personal blog. Well, crap, I don’t wanna look like I’m stealing her idea!

So I came up with something else. This achievement, like the one above, isn’t difficult, but it would take time.

“An Outfit for Every Occasion”
Within the span of a week, complete 10 group content items while wearing a different transmog outfit for each one.

The idea is that you change into a different outfit (and there should be a minimum of items transmogged, let’s say 6) for any piece of group content you complete, be it a dungeon, a wing of LFR, a battleground, an arena, or even a regular raid (though you might need to redefine “completion” for this one, maybe a single boss kill?)

Actually, turning this into a repeatable weekly quest that can give you some form of currency to spend on other transmog appearances might be a really fun idea as well. It would give transmog enthusiasts an incentive to queue up for content, and more players in the queues is always good right?

So that’s my idea for an achievement (although it might not count because I honestly prefer it as a weekly quest now). I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

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