Five Things: Durnnit

Welcome back to Five Things! This time around, we’re doing my Troll Shaman, Durnnit!

Pictured here wearing the Siege of Orgrimmar tier set, because I just finished collecting it. The helm is off so you can see his hair and facepaint choices. I haven’t changed those in forever and I’m proud of them.

1. His name comes from the catchphrase of the Old Man Franks character I used to play on the previously mentioned podcasts.

Remember when I mentioned OMF and his origin story? Ending all of his rants of randomness with “DURNIT” became his signature catchphrase, and my friend Heather suggested it for this guy’s name when I was making him. Unfortunately, the version with only one “n” was taken, so I added a second.

2. He’s the first character I ever made after transferring to my current server.

I had made a troll rogue when I first joined AIE, but he didn’t live for long. I had decided to stick with playing on my then home server at the time. Foolish mistake, since my guild at the time was pretty much dead. I transferred a total of three characters to Earthen Ring, but Durnnit here was the first guy I’ve made on that server since making it my new home.

Fun fact, I fell twice when trying to set up this screenshot. Also when I have to give it up, I’m gonna have the Doomhammer transmogged on him forever 

3. I briefly mained him during Legion.

During Legion, I initially decided that I didn’t want to go through a feeling I’d dealt with in the previous expansion, the concept of feeling forced to switch to whatever spec had the best theoretical DPS potential. Mind you, no one on my team had ever forced me to swap, it was more of an internal pressure to be the best, but I was tired of it. So for Legion, I decided to switch to a class that only had a single range DPS spec so that no matter what, I could play it, because it was my only choice. I went with Shaman because I’d long loved the class, and it would give me a melee spec that I could go with if a fight required more melee than we had. And I enjoyed Legion’s new version of Enhancement anyway, so it seemed perfect.

Hey, guess what, it wasn’t quite so perfect. Elemental shaman damage was hot garbage during Legion’s early days, and that internal pressure kicked back in on me. I eventually swapped back to the mage thanks to it. Luckily, the legendary and AP mechanics of Legion pretty much punished you for spec swapping unless you had them at the same levels in both specs, so I was able to stick with my preferred mage spec of fire without the same level of guilt.

4. He’s my troll mage’s brother, and kept him alive during their youth.

Before Dahkar and Durnnit became their current classes, they were just another pair of random warriors, trying to contribute to the survival of the Darkspear Tribe and avoid being sacrificed by the tribe’s witch doctors to appease the Loa. Durnnit was a good enough fighter and contributed well enough during hunting, but his brother was not quite as strong as he was. Durnnit, loyal to his flesh and blood, did the best he could to cover his weakness and gave him credit for kills of his own. He successfully managed to allay any suspicion until the Darkspears joined the Horde and abandoned their more savage practices

For some reason, this is the only green transmog set I have across all my characters that I don’t immediately think of “fel” when I see it.

5. For the longest time, he had Engineering and Inscription as his professions.

When I originally chose his professions, I picked two crafting ones thinking I would be able to support him via sending materials from my other characters. For a long time, between that and our guild craft faires I was able to keep the professions maxed out. And during Warlords, when we had access to herbs and ore via the Garrison, it was even easier. However, Legion made it clear that sort of easy materials gathering would no longer be prevalent, so I ended up dropping Engineering on him in favor of Herbalism.

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