Five Things: Nertz

Welcome back to my Five Things series! As you hopefully know by now, this series is five interesting things about each of my characters.

This is his current mog. I made it after getting the hood you get from Moorgoth in the Hunter Order Hall. A guildie told me it reminded them of a Black Version of Green Arrow’s costume from The Arrow

Today, we’re talking about my Goblin Hunter, Nertz!

1. He adopted an orphaned Tauren girl, who’s parents were killed in the Massacre at Camp Taurajo, as a sister and taught her the ways of the hunter.

As you can probably imagine, when I incorporate a female character into a story of one of mine, she’s inevitably one created and played by my wife. This is probably the only instance where the relationship between the two isn’t romantic.

2. During Legion’s pre-expansion patch, I briefly considered making him a cyborg.

When mechanical pets were introduced in that patch, only Goblins and the newly released Gnome hunters could tame them, everyone else had to wait until Legion’s proper release to acquire the item needed to allow the taming. So naturally, since I had comparatively fewer competitors for them, I ran around and tamed a whole bunch of them. I also came across a silver-colored, very high tech themed transmog that I acquired for him as well. I began compiling a new story based on both of these that would see Nertz be heavily injured somehow and be subjected to an insane bit of Goblin engineering needed to keep him alive, resulting in him becoming half-machine. Naturally, his own beloved animal companions would not trust him any longer, so he would resort to mechanicals. Ultimately, I ended up scrapping the entire concept, but it may return one day.

This is the transmog I mentioned above 

3. My wife and I completed many of the hidden taming challenges in Mists of Pandaria together.

My wife and I chose to use our level 90 boosts from the Warlords pre-order on our hunters, and they became our most played characters during this time. We were both learning how to play them at max level, and running around taming all the many interesting pets we suddenly had access to. Karen then learned about the various “hidden” pets on Pandaria, and decided to give taming them a go. And she got incredibly good at it. She had a blast tracking many of them down, and in once instance tamed the white Pandarian tiger for me (it remains one of my most beloved pets because A) I love white tigers and B) it’s like a present from her).

4. For the most part, his pets are named after Star Wars characters.

When I began collecting pets, I would name them primarily after my favorite side characters in TV Shows I watched. Eventually I grew bored with the concept and wanted something more personal to me, so I began naming them after Star Wars characters, primarily ones from the old Expanded Universe. Eventually I got a big ol’ stack of Pet licenses and renamed almost every one of them. There’s still a few exceptions, such as the raven named after my friend Sarah or the wolfhead version of the Core Hound named MoonMoon.

Also, fun fact, all the mechanical pets I have are named after droids.

5. His name comes from an expression I use in place of “Nuts!”

I don’t know when or how I started doing this, but generally in place of things like “Well, nuts to that” or “aww nuts, there goes that idea”, I started saying “Well, nertz” or “Aww nertz”. It’s weird, I know, but it made for a good Goblin name!

Nertz plus Fidget, who is not one of his combat pets. She probably would love to kick some butt though.

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