Blog Challenge #36: Farewell to Legion

Z and Cinder are back! We have a new topic! It’s also a 2-parter! Is “2-parter” a word? Probably not. I’m using it anyway, because I can. Anyway, let’s get crackin’.

Special Programming Note: Because I was so late getting this out, tomorrow there will be two “5 Things” posts. Who will be featured? Come back tomorrow and see!

Part 1 of this challenge asks what my Top 3 favorite moments in Legion were.

Completing all raid tiers at level, after having failed to do so in Warlords.

Warlords wasn’t a good expansion for my raid team. We had a lot of successes, but unfortunately, killing end bosses wasn’t one of them. We unfortunately failed to complete every raid tier before getting higher level gear from the next one, or in the case of Archimonde, before the pre-patch that nerfed him.

This was absolutely NOT the case in Legion. We took down every single boss at level like badasses. Being there with my friends to kill the likes of Xavius, Gul’dan, and Kil’jaeden was so immensely satisfying, not only from a personal perspective, but a story one too. Those three were some of the most hated foes in the game remaining at that point, and it felt DAMN good to kill them on our skills alone.

And as for Argus….yeah. Icing on the cake. We did it, and I’m damn proud of us.

Getting that sweet sweet Archmage title.


I have said it since Vanilla: If Blizzard ever added the Archmage title to the game, I would do whatever it took to get it, and NEVER take it off. I’ve played a mage since Vanilla, and I’ve desired that title all the time. And finally they added it as a reward for completing the Mage Order Hall Campaign. I couldn’t believe it. After all those years of wishing they’d add it, wondering how challenging it would be, and there it was. I must have stared at that quest completion box for a few minutes in disbelief. I immediately changed to my new title and have refused to change it since.

Completing SO many Transmog sets, in part thanks to the various upgrades the system got


Look, if you’ve read my blog enough, you know what a fan I am of the transmog system in this game and other similar ones. I love collecting sets when I love the look, and this expansion, I completed so many appearances that I’d been after for ages, and thanks to the World Quests which rewarded BoA Marks of Honor that could be traded in for PvP set appearances, I got a ton of PVP sets as well. I hope this sticks around for BFA’s world quests, because while there aren’t a ton of sets that I loved that I never picked up, I might start getting a little completionistic and go for as many as I can

Part 2 asks what I’m most looking forward to in Battle for Azeroth. This question was difficult for me, because as has been documented here at Your Quest Log is Full, I am very much not a fan of the storyline direction in Battle for Azeroth as we’ve been told so far. I don’t like Sylvanas as another warmongering Warchief. I don’t care for the absolutely lazy storytelling of just abandoning the Order Halls and the whole “unify against the Legion” theme. Blizzard’s writers seem keen on forcing the whole “faction pride” thing without re-establishing what made the whole thing possible in the first place: the ability to justify your faction’s place in the world. We had pride in the Horde because they were the faction of the outcast and the lost looking for a place in the world and willing to unleash the hells of war if our enemies would not give us peace.

This stotyline under Sylvanas is not doing that. Horde players all over are being made to feel like the bad guys, AGAIN. The tonedeafness on Blizzard’s part is astonishing. We don’t want this. We went through this in Cata and MoP, and we’re sick of it. We want to feel like the Horde of Vanilla and BC again, when Thrall was Warchief.

At any rate, I have digressed again. We’re talking about what I AM looking forward to. And I’m looking forward to exploring Zandalar, because I love me some trolls in this game. I’m also looking forward to seeing where the story develops. As I’ve said here before I believe this is an Old God expansion in disguise, and I’m hopeful that they’re at the roots of the faction conflict.

I’m something of an altoholic, so I’m looking forward to the new Allied races that we know will be introduced and hopefully seeing some others that we don’t know of just quite yet (COME ON BLIZZARD GIVE ME MY SETHRAK ON THE HORDE SIDE). Finally, I’m looking forward to playing the upcoming PvE content with the friends in my raid team. I love those guys.

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  1. Wildeheart says:

    Oh the Sethrak as a horde allied race would be cool. My inner furry is really hoping for the Vulpera for Alliance or for both factions so I can make a wee foxy rogue. I would so race change Cèilidh in a heartbeat. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thebmatt says:

      If we DO get them I’m tempted to make a hunter so I can recreate the Disney Robin Hood!

      Liked by 2 people

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