Five Things: Grothar

Welcome back to Five Things! In the hot seat this week, it’s my Tauren Priest, Grothar!

Complete with Pope-hat. 

1. Grothar was originally part of the Grimtotem tribe.

For my tauren characters, I preferred the black skin (hide?) option, so I chose to incorporate that by having them be part of the Grimtotem tribe, but ones disloyal to Magatha and her evil schemes.

2. In game system terms, he began life as an Undead….

My priest was originally created as an Undead named Qeldroma, but I never had any plans to keep him around. He was a placeholder to level until Tauren Priests were made available to players and I could race-change him.

3. ….but in terms of his storyline, he used to be a Druid.

The original version of Grothar was a Tauren Druid, my first ever alt. He had disobeyed an order by Magatha to kill another druid loyal to Cairne. When Tauren Priests and Paladins came out, I crafted a story in which he and his brother, a Tauren Death Knight, would actually be transformed by the Tauren’s sun god into their new classes. You can read that here.

4. He’s one of a few of my characters that in my head, they aren’t the leader of their class order in Legion.

Since I have a kind of shared headcanon with my wife’s characters, it wouldn’t be fair to say that only my characters lead the class orders with hers as subordinates, so for a few of them, her characters are the ones in charge. I didn’t mention this on my entry for Nertz, but he’s one of them as well.

Yes that’s the hidden appearance of Light’s Wrath, and it’s one of the coolest looking staffs in the game. I wish ALL my casters could wield that. 

Grothar does wield one of the artifact weapons, however. My wife’s priest is primarily shadow, so she wields Xal’atath, and she entrusted Light’s Wrath to Grothar, as even as a druid, he was very much an embodiment of the concept of balance (heck it’s what led him to accepting becoming a devotee of An’she in the first place).

5. He’s madly in love with a blood elf Paladin.

I have apparently lost all of my screenshots of the two of them next to each other, so you get a sassy selfie instead. 

I played Grothar alongside my wife’s paladin, Palacia, and we giggled like mad at the idea of them together, romantically. A giant beefy tauren with a small petite blood elf, is cute enough, but a tauren that’s more devoted to intellectual pursuits with a crazily strong blood elf woman is even better.

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