Blog Challenge #37: Battle For Azeroth in Pictures

Z and Cinder wanna see our BFA screenshots! Well, I forgot to take a bunch as I leveled, but I’ll share what I did grab!

First things first, I had to take a screengrab of Oldmanfranks receiving the Heart of Azeroth. He’s still wearing the Sha-Skin Regalia transmog at this point, and it cracks me up that Azeroth is entrusting her heart to a creature that is made of undeath, wields Fel Magic, and is wearing the skin of a creature originating in the Void. That’s like….the three substances that seem anathema to Azerothian life!


Next up, I have a few screengrabs from Vol’dun, the zone I started in. Vol’dun has a LOT of memorable moments, but these three just made me laugh enough that I remembered to grab screenshots of them. It’s mostly thanks to the quest text. You’ll probably have to click each of them to get the bigger sizes to see it.

“Henchmons” just cracked me up for some reason.¬†
Because that’s what’s important in a desert wasteland surrounded by many things that want to murder you. Pineapples.

Sadly I don’t have many more shots of Vol’dun. I was far too engrossed in the story and the amazing NPCs to remember to take screenshots. The same is true of Naz’mir, which is where I headed next. I got these two, including the first time we see someone who is going to be far more important to the story than I think anyone ever realized.

Bwonsamdi’s new model is fantastic, but the more I see this guy, the less and less I feel like I can trust him…
I don’t remember much about this screenshot, but it does capture the general tone of Nazmir pretty well. Just needs more Blood Trolls. Damned things were everywhere…

I am still leveling, just ding 119 actually, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed the few screenshots I did remember to snag here. See you guys next time!

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  1. Zeirah says:

    I love Bwonsamdi, it’s worth dying on every class just to see the different flavour text he has when you pop up at this graveyard. My favourite is when he asks Warlocks if they forget their Soulstone. So good. Like you though, I don’t trust him and after seeing the end of Zulzadar scenario, I’m a bit nervous of what he might have in plan

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