Five Things: Texaporte

In this edition of Five Things, we’re looking at my undead Death Knight, Texaporte!

Seen here wearing the Horde PvP version of the Nighthold Tier. I call it the “Red Highlord” set.

1. Texaporte began life as the original version of Old Man Franks

The very first version of Old Man Franks I came up with had a similar backstory to the warlock version, but instead of training to become a warlock to give his life meaning, he ended up being killed by the Scourge and becoming a death knight. Eventually, when I decided to revive my warlock (the blood elf had been sitting in Outland untouched for most of Wrath) I transferred the name, race, and a slightly altered history to the lock and came up with a new story for my Death Knight, which we’ll detail below.

2. He’s been race changed three times, then deleted and brought back.

Yeah. I just couldn’t decide what the hell to do story wise with a DK. He began life as an undead, and then I race changed him into a Tauren that would become the lost brother of my then-tauren-druid. When their story changed to incorporate the new paladin and priest class options for Tauren, I needed a new character and story for my existing druid and Death Knight characters, so I turned my DK into a Goblin. The Goblin DK’s story was that he was a master of Polearms and a combat instructor for the Death Knights of Acherus. I liked the story idea, but for whatever reason I didn’t play him that often, and I ended up missing the undead appearance so I made one of my more idiotic decisions in life and bought another race change to turn him back into an undead. Well, it didn’t help. The attachment to the character was gone. Pissed at myself, I ended up deleting him and tried to recreate a new death knight as my old Goblin. However, two things were wrong with that idea. I had no desire to level through all the expansions again and the name I used to have for him had since been taken by someone else. So for the longest time, he just languished on my character selection screen, untouched.

During his initial undead incarnation, this was some of the armor he was wearing from raiding Naxx. I loved that mace. I should go pick it up again.

It wasn’t until Blizzard added the option to restore deleted characters from within the game itself that Texaporte was truly born. I was curious, and I decided to check the feature out to see who I could bring back, and sure enough there was my old undead Death Knight. Since my “new” goblin wasn’t getting any use, I got rid of him and brought him back to life with his current name (the old one had since been taken so I got a free change out of it). I resolved to work on creating a new character out of this so that I would never want to make the mistake that was this series of wasteful spending again.

3. His new canonical storyline is that he was a Paladin when he was alive.

This armor is pretty basic, it’s the “Righteous Battleplate” set from the first time the Trial of Style was around, and the hammer is purchasable in the Paladin Order Hall. I like to think of this set as what he wore when he was alive.

Sir Teximus Porte was a devoted follower of the Light and a loyal member of the Silver Hand in life who fell in battle at the hands of the Scourge during the Third War. For some reason that even he does not know, he was not raised as a Death Knight until much later when Acherus appeared over the Eastern Plaguelands. However, unlike his fellow Knights of the Ebon Blade who maintain little to no connections to their former life, Sir Porte remembers and strongly clings to his past. His personality is practically identical. He longs to return to the Light’s embrace, but is perfectly willing to wield the necromantic powers of his new form in service to the same ideals he championed.

4. Storyline-wise, not only does he not lead his class order, he has none of the artifact weapons.

The above mentioned outlook on life has made him an object of derision and mockery among his fellow Knights of the Ebon Blade, but “Texaporte”, as they mockingly call him, pays it little mind. His courage and skill in battle make him a strong ally, and his loyalty to the Ebon Blade is above reproach. His adherence to the Paladin Code demands as much. However, very few of the Ebon Blade would ever want to see him as the leader and vision of the Ebon Blade’s goals.

In other words, in my personal headcanon, Texaporte is not the Deathlord of the Ebon Blade, nor does he wield any of the artifact weapons. He prefers to don the armor and wield the arms of fallen champions of the light as a symbol that he still believes in everything the Silver Hand stood for, even if he cannot be welcomed among them. I reflect this in game by using the transmog system on the weapons themselves, one of the few cases in which I do.

5. I wish I knew the word to describe his name.

Seriously, I know there’s a term for it. A word that by itself means nothing, but when you say it out loud, it sounds like another word or term (in this case Texaporte sounding like Tech Support). I know there’s a term for this, but I cannot recall what it is (nor can I think of other examples). Anyone out there know what this is called?

That’s it for this edition of Five Things! Thank you all for reading, and until next time help control the gnome population, roll a troll today!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Wildeheart says:

    Are you meaning a Homophone? Like shore,sure; here,hear;Texaporte, tech support.

    Also, I may be doing the opposite of your intended Gnome control. I may. meaning most likely am, changing my mage to a Gnome. It was always a toss up on whether she woul;d be Draenei or Gnome and afer playing her a while I think I may just do that. For Gnomeregon! hehe


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