I think I may have made a mistake

Warning: This post WILL contain spoilers for the Horde story in Battle for Azeroth. You have been warned.

So I’ve made a pretty big deal about how I felt like I needed to change my main for story reasons already in this blog. And the content leading up to Battle for Azeroth certainly assured me I’d made the right choice. Sylvanas’ actions are horrific, and not in line with the Horde I’ve come to support and enjoy being a part of, and since a lot of that transferred into my mage’s personality, it felt like the right time to say “Okay, his part in this is gonna be in the background”. I picked a new class, one that I enjoyed the playstyle and visuals of, and felt like I could be happy raiding with. Most importantly, I felt like I could be happy with playing him in the current war story.

But then I actually started playing, and this amazingly gorgeous troll-story-rich continent smacked me in the face. Zandalar is beautiful and chock full of troll lore and gear to earn. I may have just recently hit max level, but as I’m not a spoilerphobe I’ve watched all of the cutscenes that have come out on WoWhead and MMO-Champion.

And it’s this stuff right here that has given me the most pause about not playing my beloved troll mage this expansion. Vol’jin’s spirit is going to escape? Bwonsamdi has a master of his own? If you’ve seen the other cinematics, you already know that Bwonsamdi gets himself inserted into a MUCH greater position of power within Zandalar, essentially taking Rezan’s place as the Loa tied to the kings of Zandalar. And yet, he reports to someone or something. This has a crazy amount of potential. Who could it be? Speculation is ranging from the Lich King to N’zoth to some mysterious Death-being in the Shadowlands. Whoever it is seems to want Vol’jin’s soul, and it makes me curious what Vol’jin has seen on the other side and what he’s going to tell us when we get the chance to talk to him. We already know he wants us to take out G’huun from the spoiler dialogue in the above link. So the question remains, what are his plans after this is gone? Is his faith in Bwonsamdi gone? Will he seek to correct the mistake of making Sylvanas warchief, if indeed he considers it a mistake? I could speculate all day, but we just don’t know, and a part of me really wants to see it through my troll mage’s eyes.

However, that’s not the only thing giving me pause about my choice to swap. I recently did my first normal dungeon with my raid teammates, and we opted to hit up the MOTHERLODE!! so as not to spoiler anything for anyone who hadn’t reached the ends of the zone storylines.

Now, if you’ve done that dungeon, you know what’s inside. A lot of Goblins and their associated machines. Which means lots of spells that need interrupting, a lot of things which are humanoid (and thus susceptible to polymorph as a CC), and a fair number of crawler mines that need to be slowed and/or burst-damaged down.

All of these are things I am used to being able to do as a mage, and as a demonology warlock, I can do none of them.

CC? Sorry, not for humanoids, not unless I break out the succubus, but then I’m wrecking my DPS by not having the Felguard. Interrupts? Same deal, I’d have to dig out my felhunter, and then we have the same problem. Slows and bursts? Well, I have a couple of stuns, but my DPS has something of a ramp up time (while not as bad as affliction, it does take a not-insignificant amount of time to set up) so I’m not much use there either.

I’d already been missing a lot of my personal utility (not having teleports, Slow Fall, or Blink) and this dungeon made me realize a lot more of what I’d had to say goodbye to without realizing it.

“Big deal” you might say, “Just level your mage now!”. I wish it was that simple. Because, you see, there’s a lot of group utility that the warlock brings to the table, such as Summons and Warlock cookies, and right now we don’t have another one signed up on the team. If I go back to maining the mage, I’m depriving the team of that convenience.

So I’m in something of a catch-22 situation here. If I swap I’m hurting my team, but if I don’t I miss experiencing cool troll lore with my mage and having a playstyle I don’t enjoy as much as what I’m doing now (which is not to say I hate it nor that I could get more used to it).

Not sure what I should do. What would you do in this situation, readers?

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  1. Alunaria says:

    I don’t mind spoilers as long as it’s not alliance 🙂 this sure sounds very intriguing, I have to watch those cinematics!

    As for what to do, have you tried to make a list of what is most important to you? Play style, lore connection, race, and so on? Its no easy choice at all, I can relate.


    1. thebmatt says:

      I have, many times. It doesn’t help unfortunately.

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      1. Alunaria says:

        Aw, shoot, alright.


  2. Wildeheart says:

    My advise is always play what feels right. If you are unhappy in what you play it will inevitably show in your play and others will sense your stuggle.

    If you play what feels right, and makes you happy, you will be in the best possible frame of mind and place you can be for your team. That is far more important than cookies and summons. ❤

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