Five Things: Irohbafett

Welcome back to Five Things! We’re heading over to the Alliance side for the first time with my Pandaren warrior, Irohbafett.


1. His name is a mashup of two of my favorite characters.

When playing around with the Pandaren character creation options, I noticed that it was possible to mimic the hairstyle and beard of General Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender. My wife was using a Star Wars inspired name for her Panda (we’ll get to that in a sec) so I wanted to do the same. I ended up mashing Iroh and Boba Fett together, and Irohbafett was the result!

2. My wife and I bought a pair of level 90 boosts to level characters together to see the Alliance side content in Warlords of Draenor. Iroh was who I made.

We both decided to boost classes we didn’t have at high level on our home Horde server. She picked a monk named Jaramade (it’s Mara Jade with the first letters flipped), and I made a warrior. They were a fun pair to play together, both of us racing to see who could get to the next quest mob first.

3. To the surprise of no one by this point, I’m sure, the pair are romantically involved.


Well of course they are. Iroh loves Jara with all his heart, even though he constantly disparages himself to be an old man who’s not good enough for her. Jara just rolls her eyes and ignores him when he gets like that.

4. He would have preferred to join the Horde, at least initially.

Iroh respects the ways of the monks and their philosophies, even if he doesn’t really subscribe to them. Tushui and Huojin don’t represent a constant state of mind to him, rather he sees them as viewpoints that can change depending on the situation. When it came time for the Pandaren of the Wandering Isle to choose a side, however, Jara immediately gravitated toward the Alliance. Iroh himself admired the Horde as a “gang of misfit races” bound together to help each other survive, but Jara would not be swayed, and so he followed her to the Alliance. He does not regret this decision, having since seen the depravity of then-Warchief Garrosh, and having risen to become a General in the Alliance army.

5. When he retires, he plans to return to Pandaria and open a school for the Warrior style of combat.

“Seriously guys, I got swords for everyone, can we practice just a LITTLE with them?”  The Armor is a PvP set from Warlords. I love the look combined with the Alliance colors.

As far as Iroh’s concerned, the ways of the monk are all well and good, and he respects the tradition’s place in their history. But wielding a weapon with skill and precision is a direct spit in the face of every mogu who ever enslaved them or would seek to do so again. The Pandaren will never be forbidden to carry arms again, and he’s going to make sure of that by training the next generation of Pandaren warriors when Azeroth is at peace again (or he really IS too old to fight, whichever comes first)

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