Blog Challenge #38: How Do You Level?

Your topicmasters and mine wanna know “How do you level in Battle for Azeroth?

I refined my leveling strategy into the following during Legion, and I carried it over into BFA:

  1. As I’m leveling, I will do every single quest I come across.
  2. I will finish off every side quest hub/chain I can find before completing the zone’s main story.
  3. If I finish leveling before I have completed the zone story achievement for all new zones, I will skip all further side quests and complete only what is necessary to earn the zone story achievement. The remaining side quests can be seen on another character.

The above applies to my main character I plan to play in the expansion, which is who I’ll normally start out with. Generally after that I’m okay to level 2-3 alts via questing, anyone after that will need to wait for any sort of leveling catchup mechanic that comes later in the expansion, such as the Invasions in the Broken Isles.

Currently I have leveled my warlock to 120 using the above method. For my mage, I decided to try a different route. I noticed that despite the sheer abundance of sidequests, it took me completely scouring Vol’dun and Nazmir and finishing with 3/7 chapters of Zuldazar completed to reach 120. Surely they hadn’t relied on the sheer number of sidequest hubs to get players to max, right? So I ignored every sidequest hub and did only the main story quests.

I finished all three and was only 116.



I’ll get into why I dislike this in another post coming later, which will cover some of the serious game system missteps I think Battle For Azeroth has made compared to past expansions, but suffice to say I wasn’t happy. For now I’m working on clearing out the sidequests in Zuldazar first since I’ve seen the fewest sidequests there, but I suspect I’ll need to venture back to one of the other two zones to finish leveling.

At this point, I’m content to leave the rest of my Horde alts alone for now. Perhaps in time I’ll want to see those stories again, but having so much side content be required to hit max level and only having three zone stories to review compared to Legion’s four (yes I know there’s technically six in BFA, but a character only has access to three of them based on faction)? I can definitely tell that doing it again anytime soon is going to inflict burnout on me very quickly, especially given BFA’s particularly bad problem with leveling making you feel weaker (crap I’m starting to get into that next post again).

I’ll finish this post by answering the final part of Z and Cinder’s question: Horde or Alliance first? Horde, obviously. But I will be leveling my Alliance Pandaren warrior soon, once I complete the experience on my mage and answer the question I posed to myself back in this post.

That brings us to a close for now, friends. Until next time, this has been thebmatt reminding you to help control the gnome population, roll A TURTLE HAS MADE IT TO THE WATER.

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  1. Isey says:

    This was my first time levelling a Horde alongside my Alliance main and Horde did get the better story overall, and I really enjoyed it.

    Also the first expansion with such differing experiences along the way so glad I did it.

    Things is, once you have experienced the story once there is little desire to see it again. No fun surprises. I’m levelling my shaman healer via LFG only, to see how that goes (with rested XP. I have enough healer/tank alts that levelling via LFG with rest XP isn’t so tough.


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