Blog Challenge #42: What’s your favorite MMO Role?

If the title doesn’t make it obvious, Z and Cinder want to know my favorite role in an MMO. In other words they want me to

know your role.gif

I don’t think it will surprise anyone that the guy who plays a mage (when he isn’t trying to switch to a warlock or elemental shaman) says his favorite role is Damage. Even outside of MMOs, I always wanted to be the guy who unleashed the damage on the bad guys in RPGs, both tabletop and electronic.

I have tanked and healed before in various levels of content. I’ve never done much of endgame tanking, but I have healed in raids when we did alt runs. I don’t particularly enjoy either role. Tanking pretty much requires you to take the lead in whatever group content you’re doing, and far too often if someone doesn’t like your leadership for some reason or another, they’ll go into business for themselves and force you to pick up whatever pieces are left over. Healing feels like you’re playing whack-a-mole constantly, only with other people depending on your choices. Neither makes me feel good enough as a gameplay feedback mechanic that I would be willing to consider doing them full time right now.

I generally keep to the damage role in other MMOs I play, but there was one variation on a healer that I absolutely loved and want to see implemented again. If you ever played RIFT, they had a “spec” for their mage class called the Chloromancer that was essentially a “life transfer” flavor of a healer. In essence, they had the “damage to heal” style of play that WoW knows from the Disc priest, but they did it much better. No idea if this is still how it works in Rift, I haven’t been in that game for a long time, but I seem to recall you could give one player a permanent buff that converted a percentage of all your damage to heal that player, and you had some additional options for healing the rest of the party. I only was able to use it for a couple of dungeons, but I loved the idea. When Blizzard announced that the Disc Priest would be getting a similar playstyle, I had hoped I would see something similar, but the lack of a permanent buff in lieu of Atonement juggling ruins the entire idea for me. Not interested, thanks!

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