Blog Challenge #43:Why Do You Choose The Games You Do?

So it’s been….almost four months since I’ve written here. Last time I was around we were talking about Blizzcon’s first day, and I never quite came back to talk about Day 2. Not sure there was much more to say that others hadn’t covered in detail.

Since then we’ve seen the holidays come and go, and both WoW and SWTOR got a new patch of content or two. I’ve canceled my sub to SWTOR for the time being, I wasn’t able to get in and play it much at all lately with BFA being out and a limited amount of playtime.

I was out of town with no access to my games the week those patches dropped and I still feel like I’m catching up on all the content, but my super casual raid team did finally complete a goal we’d set for ourselves: we took out G’huun on Normal before the Battle for Dazar’alor raid came out, thus continuing our Legion streak of downing a raid while it’s still current content. It was our first night of attempts on him as well, which felt really good. I don’t think any of us expected that one.

As far as how I enjoyed Uldir, it’s hard to say. I think the lack of good feelings on WoW’s current gameplay systems may have colored the experience somewhat, but I don’t have a whole lot of good feelings on the raid itself. Some of the fights were interesting and unique, but others were just annoying to get through. Taloc would have been interesting, but fighting on an elevator exposed a number of problems with WoW’s engine that need to be corrected before something light that should ever be attempted again. Zul was just a constant add swarm fight and I hate those. You get the idea.

I think perhaps the worst offender might have been the lack of good transmog. Those sets are goddamn hideous. The weapons were all right, but man, stepping away from class tier sets was and continues to be a giant mistake.

Currently we’re working on Battle for Dazar’alor, and sitting on 4 bosses down, having just taken down Opulence after a few attempts. I’ll talk more about my experiences in that raid in another post later

Anyway, you’re not here for that. You’re here for the newest Blog Challenge topic, or rather topics since our fearless leaders have posted three at once and then announced a hiatus. I was hoping that this was a “just until the new year” hiatus because I don’t want this to be the end of the challenge, but so far it seems to not be the case.

So why do I choose the games I do? Well, I mean ultimately, for me gaming is an escape, a chance to go out to a new world, do things I can’t do, experience a story that isn’t likely to happen to me. So if a game plays well and can tell me an interesting story? Well, I’m definitely up for considering it. I’m also not a competitive person, so anything that focuses primarily on a player versus player setup is probably gonna be skipped (come on Blizzard, add a story mode to Overwatch already, stop making me regret buying it)

After that, it’s really just a matter of finances and if I think I’ll have time to play it. Those two have killed off more game purchases this year than anything. I still have barely cracked open Witcher 3 despite having it for over a year. I don’t know why, I just have a hard time fitting in console gaming into my usual day to day routine. I can generally game maybe an hour or two a night unless we have something else to do or my wife and I decide to catch up on a show. And usually there’s some content in WoW I want to try out, and if not that then there’s always some story in SWTOR to check out.

I made a goal to finish a couple of PS4 games in 2018, and I accomplished neither of them. Perhaps I should try it again, but honestly I’m not sure if it’s in my cards for now. I can take advantage of Youtube to enjoy watching the content when I can’t game myself, so that at least allows me a little bit of experiencing the process. But for now, that’s the best I can hope for I think.

So my next post should be live in a couple of days. It’s going to be the last Blog Challenge post, number 45. I’m skipping #44 because it’s basically “30 days of photos” and I don’t really ever take screenshots in the game all that much. Post number 45 asks me to revisit the 2018 bucket list, so we’ll get that up and running soon.

After that, well, I’m basically left with blogging whatever I feel like. I have a couple of BFA related topics I want to go over, including what it would take to get me really invested in the story again as well as what I hope to see happen with some of the characters. After that, we shall see where things go from there.

If there’s anything you’d like to hear my thoughts on, feel free to drop a comment below! Until next time, help control the gnome population, roll a troll today!


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  1. Cinder says:

    Welcome back!
    Congrats on getting G’huun down before BfD dropped – that’s a fantastic achievement! I personally quite liked the raid, but agree with you 100% about the gear appearances from the raid. They are not up my alley at all. (Unfortunately I like the BfD mail set even less!)
    Sorry we don’t have the challenges going 😦

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    1. thebmatt says:

      Thanks Cinder! While Uldir might not have been my cup of tea, I am finding BfD to be a lot more enjoyable….except for the middle three fights forcing my awesome troll mage to become a….*shudder* night elf. Not sold on the appearances from there either, though the Mythic cloth set is a eye catching ensemble I’ll have to farm in another expac or two (we are strictly normal raiders, heh).

      Do you and Z have plans for the challenges to return at some point? Or did running it just burn you guys out? I admit I’m curious to see any topics people sent you that didn’t quite make the cut!

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      1. Cinder says:

        hehe I feel the same way when I’m forced to go Horde. Though as a pandaren I change to… Pandaren! hehehe So not a drastic change for me (though my transmog disappears too, which sucks!)

        We don’t have any plans to come back at this stage, but that may change in the future. It was a lot of work keeping it going, for sure. It was also a bit difficult as Z had taken a big step back from WoW and work (and personal life) just getting so much busier. I do like the idea of putting up topics people had sent through that we hadn’t done as a topic. I shall see what we have left!

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    2. thebmatt says:

      I can’t reply to your other comment for some reason, so I’m doing it here, but seeing the other topics would be great.

      Honestly, it’s not being turned into Alliance that bothers me, nor is it really a transmog issue (I really like the Alliance’s Arathi Warfront cloth set that we get), it’s the fact that they make me be a Night Elf. Mostly because I loathe Night Elf male casting animations.

      I wish Blizzard had added an NPC that would let people choose which alliance (or Horde) race they wanted to be for those boss fights. I’d be happy with practically any other Alliance mage race BESIDES Night Elf..

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  2. Alunaria says:

    Good to see you return 🙂

    I do fear that the blogging community as a whole is struggling in this expansion. The blogging challenges were something that was great to do, but with such a decline in participants it’s hard to continue, I imagine.

    Participation, comments and engagement is fuel for inspiration. Without it, but least I find it more difficult to keep a steady blog post count.

    As for the raid and race change, I wonder, if there are no items to help you cover up the casting animation, you don’t like? How big is your toy collection? 🙂


    1. thebmatt says:

      Thanks Alunaria, feels good to be back. I agree it’s hard to do without participants, and one of my own personal failings is that I haven’t really been more involved with the blogging community. I’ve been very bad about reading other people’s work and even worse about engaging in commentary. I’m going to do my best to fix that.

      My toy collection isn’t huge, but there are a few items I can use to change my appearance. The issue with those is duration vs cooldown time. For whatever reason, Blizzard has decided that appearance changing items should have small durations and stupidly long cooldown timers. I used a couple of them during our attempts on Opulence. I guess I should go hunt down some of the others!

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      1. Alunaria says:

        I hear you on the toy cooldown! Silly restriction!
        I hope the blogging thoughts I shared was not taken to heart, it was not aimed at you, it was just my observation of why the blogging challenges were hard to continue, for Cinder and Zeirah too, I imagine 🙂


  3. Alunaria says:

    But should have been at* sorry 🙂 darn auto correct!


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