The one that started it all

Before I proceed into the story for the Heavensward expansion, I’m trying to level a few classes to 50 first. My goal is to get a better feel for them, see what I might like to consider my main going forward.

Today I got the Black Mage to that goal, and completed the level 50 class quest, earning the Artifact armor for the job as well. I had better level gear than the artifact set by this point, so I placed it in a glamour plate. After I got it all set up, I found myself really happy, more than just the satisfaction of completing a goal you’ve set for yourself. And I couldn’t figure out why.

So I got to thinking about all the various Black Mage characters I’ve seen in the different Final Fantasy games I’d played, and a realization hit me.

Up until now, I’d put my love of spellcaster classes and characters back onto my college D&D days, but what I realized is that it goes back further than that, to playing the original Final Fantasy on the NES as a kid.

Back then the heroes didn’t have names, you assigned them yourself. And I never owned the game myself, I always played on my friend’s console. We had a saved game that we both played together. Among my childhood friends, I was the least athletic, the guy picked last in games of street football, the one considered the “easy tag” in hide-and-seek, you get the idea. So my friend was ALWAYS the Fighter. The big strong guy who hit things. He named the Black Mage after me. At the time, it was kind of an insult. The Black Mage didn’t hit hard with weapons, and he rarely bothered to cast spells unless it was a boss fight. And we never made it far enough into the game to fight the really hard bosses, like Astos or the Fiends.

It wasn’t until later Final Fantasy titles that I would learn just how integral magic was to most of the games, and it wouldn’t be until I learned to play D&D in college that I consciously chose to think spellcasters were my preference above non-magic classes, but I definitely think that seed was planted a long time ago.


And now, my character in XIV has just completed their first milestone with the class that started it all. It’s almost like we’ve come full circle.

Final Fantasy XIV has definitely got it’s hooks in me, because it’s filling that massive story void that WoW is struggling with right now, so expect posts about it to continue for the time being, gang. Hope you’re enjoying them!


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