Pre-Endwalker Goal List

We don’t know exactly when, but we’ve been told this fall, we’ll be seeing Endwalker. That means we’ve only got anywhere from 5-7 months remaining for Shadowbringers.

This has been my first expansion that I’ve been playing from start to finish, and it’s been one of the absolute highlights of my life’s gaming experiences. I can’t wait to see how they manage to top themselves, even if they don’t quite succeed.

But excitement aside, that does mean I have some goals I’d like to accomplish for each of my characters before that new expac goes live, and in this week’s post, we’re gonna go over em all. We’ll talk about the goals I absolutely want to achieve initially, and then go over some “stretch” goals (ones that I don’t necessarily feel like I HAVE to do, but it would be great to do nonetheless) for each as well.

Oldman Franks

Being my main character, I don’t really have many story goals left on OMF that haven’t already come out. He’s caught up on the MSQ, he’s completed the story for the Eden raids, he’s caught up on the YoRHa raid story that’s currently out, you get the idea. The only story I haven’t quite seen that I’m still undecided on is the Bozja story, and that’s because I’m still not a tremendous fan of the grindy nature needed to get there.

The major goals I currently have that aren’t completed are ones he shares with Rheika: complete the Stage 1 glow of two of the Resistance weapons. In OMF’s case, I’m looking to get the Machinist and Summoner ones. Machinist is complete, but Summoner I still have some work to do on.

Since it’s also likely that the new melee job being introduced in Endwalker will be going to him in my headcanon breakdown, I want to be ready to run with it. I doubt I’ll take the time to level it from 70 to 80 before starting the Endwalker MSQ, but leveling it will be high on my goal list once that’s done. That means getting a full set of Scaevan gear for him, and we have some very strong indications that it’s going to be using Maiming gear, so I’m working on acquiring that as well.

OMF’s stretch goals are completing the Heavensward Allied Beast tribe quests, which means he’s gotta max out rep with the three Heavensward beast tribes first. He’s already completed this for the Stormblood tribes, and while the Allied Beast Tribe quest hasn’t been introduced in Shadowbringers yet, he is currently maxed out with all three tribes, so if it does get introduced, he’s ready to go there.

Rheika Aliapoh

Rheika isn’t quite caught up on all the side story quest chains yet. I don’t necessarily plan to complete Eden on her, but I would like to finish the Trial Series and Alliance raid storylines on her. She needs to do both Castrum Marinum and Puppet’s Bunker to be caught up on those, respectively.

As we talked about in our Endwalker job split post, she’s going to be our Sage, and in fact, I’m pretty sure that she’s going to do the Endwalker MSQ as one. That means she needs some Scaevan Healing Gear. I’ve got that done, just need to get the Sage weapon once it’s added. We’ll also need to have a good poetics stockpile for her to grab Cryptlurker gear once she gets to that point.

Of her current 4 canonical jobs, I’ve chosen Gunbreaker and Ninja to be the Resistance weapons that I complete up to the Stage 1 Glow for. I just finished Gunbreaker early this week, but have yet to start Ninja.

Rheika’s big stretch goal is the Amaro mount, and this one is a VERY big stretch for me. By virtue of having previously been Dahkar, and also having leveled two jobs that were originally assigned to OMF in the original 2-character split, Rheika has more jobs at 80 than OMF currently does, so it’s more feasible for her to pursue this. That being said, it’s still 7 jobs I would need to reach 80 with on her (technically 8 if you count Summoner and Scholar separately, but since they level together, I am not doing so) which is a lot of leveling. Cool as the idea of having an Amaro mount is, I don’t necessarily want to burn myself out. I’m starting out with doing Summoner/Scholar and Monk, and we shall see if I want to keep going after that. Summoner and Scholar were already at 60 when I came up with this goal (because I hadn’t moved OMF to my current FC, and I wanted to play those jobs for our weekly map nights), so I’ve been leveling them to acquire moogle tomestones for the current (pre patch 5.5) event. Monk, on the other hand, is a job I’ve typically eschewed by virtue of not caring for the usual tropes that come with it, but I’m giving it an honest try to see if I’ll perhaps like the gameplay and the story enough to move past that. It certainly worked for Samurai, so we shall see.

Fearless Willow

Fearless’ first big goal is to get caught up on the MSQ. I only recently completed the base Stormblood questline on her. I’ve still got to get through all of Stormblood’s patch content, then the entirety of Shadowbringers. I don’t even really want to THINK about doing any of the side content on her. Her only other major goal is getting her 4 canon jobs to 80. Right now I’m focusing on getting Dancer to 70 so she can complete Shadowbringers with it. Samurai was her Stormblood story job, so it’s in the low 70s already, and Warrior and Astrologian are still in the low 60s.

As far as stretch goals go, I’d like to maybe pick up at least the base Resistance weapons for her 4 jobs, but it’s a very long shot on getting any of the glows. If I did, I think Warrior and Dancer would be the ones I’d go for.

Dahkar Darkspear?

You wanna talk about the biggest possible stretch goal? Dahkar is it. If you don’t remember, Dahkar doesn’t exist in game right now. The fantasia change I did as a challenge for myself kicked off this whole 4 Warriors of Light headcanon of mine, and while he’s been fun to write about, he doesn’t really exist in game at the moment. This is something I’ve long debated about correcting.

I’ve tried getting a couple of coworkers and my wife to try FF XIV out given their extremely generous free trial, and I think if any of those attempts ever succeed, Dahkar will absolutely make a return as the character I’d play alongside any of them. There’s also the possibility that I could complete or simply tire of completing all of the other goals I’ve listed here, and should that be the case AND my server should happen to still be in Preferred status, I could see myself creating him again just to see how fast leveling with the Road to 70 buff actually is. It would be a fun experiment, especially given his new canonical job arrangement.

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