Weapons of Choice – Oldman Franks

Inspired by a post I saw on Tumblr, I thought a little series on the weapons my characters like to use the most would be fun, so we’re gonna start off with Franks.

Paladin: The Blood Sword

Terrible whispers follow Franks when he carries this blade, claiming it to be forged from the blood of all manner of creatures, from Voidsent to Spoken to Beastmen, depending on which rumor you hear. He replies to them with looks of incredulity, but will not clarify. What IS known is that he is equally masterfully capable of unleashing devastating strike and holy spell with this blade. He carries no shield alongside it, preferring the magitek devices in his guantlets that generates one from his own aether. 

Scholar: Lost Allagan Codex

Naturally gifted with Arcanima, Franks has often looked to Allagan or Ironworks designs to augment his spellcasting prowress. This particular tome contains Allagan devices within capable of “reading” the formulae painstakingly written within and holographically displaying them above its pages, preventing the need for excessive page-turning in battle

Summoner: Espiritus Recollection

Infused with the memories of battles from Franks’ past, the aetherial inscriptions added to Espiritus have manifested in the form of the aetherial wings of the Dreadwyrm, while glowing diagrams containing the various equations and theorems needed to work the magic of the Summoner’s arts manifest from the dark pages. The tome is so strongly attuned to his aether that he need merely think on the spells needed, and the relevant formulae will manifest. 

Franks still keeps his long-trusted Ironworks Grimoire on hand due to its impressive storage and calculation capabilities, but for relying on the tried and true magic in battle, Espiritus Recollection has become his primary choice

Machinist: Deepshadow Pistol

Long fascinated by Magitek, Franks jumped at the chance to be a founding member of a guild combining magitek engineering with aetherology, and has amassed an impressive collection of Aetheroconductor enhanced guns as a result of this tinkering, including a blunderbuss built in collaboration with Nero tol Scaeva and the recreated Resistance Weapon known as the Lawman, also infused with the aether of his own memories of battle into its Recollection form. 

His favorite remains this Pistol, the base model of which he obtained in Eulmore and rebuilt as a Machinist weapon. Taking a cue from the stories of his friend and brother-by-choice, Dahkar, he learned to harness some of the power of his own Darkside and imbued that aether into the pistol, now glowing red when drawn. 

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