Weapon(s) of Choice – Rheika Aliapoh

Continuing this series with my favorite Keeper of the Moon! This time the lore text will be from her perspective. She ain’t exactly the sort to hold back, so if language is a thing that bothers you, well, now you’ve been warned.

Gunbreaker – Crownsblade Recollection

“Sure, I got quite a few gunblades, but this one’s the best of the bunch. Why? Well, for one, it’s the one used by the elite guard of the culture who invented them, or at least a truly faithful recreation by the best damn mad genius of a weaponsmith in any realm. For another? That mad genius has managed to imbue it with aether forged from the memories of all the fighting I’ve done. Maybe that’s morbid, but it’s made the blade HELLA pretty!”

Red Mage – Aniquated Murgleis

“I asked X’rhun once what he first thought of me. After all, there had to be a reason he decided to ask me to become his apprentice, to become a Red Mage, right? He said the first thing he noticed was that I wasn’t staring at his garishly bright red clothes, it was that I was appreciating his blade. Apparently that meant I knew what was important and that I would focus on that, or some shite like it. I think he was trying to cover up that it was probably something dirty, but he wasn’t wrong. I thought that sword was amazing, and the day he gifted me its twin, to mark the moment he’d said I’d surpassed him? Well, I’ve had a few other rapiers, but none of em will ever feel as right as Murg here does. Gerolt told me he could improve it once, but frankly, I think she’s perfect as is.”

Bard – Exarchic Longbow

“Twelve, it’s been a nightmare trying to find a bow that felt like it was MINE, you know? Everything I picked up while trainin’ in archery was just too plain. And all these Bard artifacts that Jehantel showed me, they’re bloody insane. They have HARPS built into them. Actual stringed instruments. How in the hells did they keep those in tune while fighting, or even just luggin em all over the realm? Absolutely nuts, I say. Wasn’t til we beat Elidibus, finally, that I managed to find something I liked. Our battle kinda chipped away big portions of the Crystal Tower, chunks that’d been infused with light, so they had a faint white glow to them. I got a few of them and asked Franks if he thought he could make anything with em. He’s a master crafter in his own right, you see. Maybe not quite the mad legend Gerolt is, but still damn good. The tour I took him and the others on, it lasted twice as long as I planned for cause Franks kept studying rocks and plants thinking of all the things he could make with materials we didn’t even HAVE on the Source, so I KNEW he was itching to try his hand at something. So I showed him these crystals, and he said to me ‘Hell yes, I can. What do you want?’ ‘A bow’ I told him, ‘A bow to commemorate this victory, the last Unsundered dead. Somethin I can always tell this story with’. Naught a few days later, and he presents this gorgeous thing to me. Everything I’ve never known I wanted in a bow. Fuckin LOVE IT”

Ninja – Honeshirazu Recollection

“Yeah, another Resistance weapon, so what? It’s goddamn perfect for me. Nice and long, perfect for all the sweepin’ slashes a shinobi uses in a prolonged fight, but still not quite SO long you can’t get those critical stabs in for an assassination strike. But fine, go on and say it, I know you want to. ‘But Rheika, they GLOW, how you gonna sneak around with GLOWY daggers?’ One, I can clearly suppress the glow if I need to. Two, I’m damn good at sneaking around, so even if they ARE glowing, you still won’t see me. Finally, that ‘glow’ is an aetheric imbuement that makes these blades sharper than anything a normal pair of stabbers could hope to be. Who the fuck needs to look for weakpoints when these babies slice through armor and magitek plating like it’s cheap leather?’ Assholes better HOPE they don’t see that glow, they’ll live longer.”

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