“So let me get this straight. YOU want me to teach you Astrology?”

“Yes? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking to just take it out from under you or anything. I just want to learn more about how it WORKS. I used to….where I’m from Astrology is just trying to divine the future based on constellations associated with someone’s month of birth. It’s all made up chocobo shite. But Sharlayan astrology is obviously more than that, I’ve seen you use it often enough, hells I’ve been a direct beneficiary of it often enough! I just want to study it, really, learn where and how it draws on the necessary aether needed to manifest its magicks, maybe see if I can incorporate some of those principles into future engineering projects!”

“Hmm…well I suppose Leveva did come here to spread the benefits of Astrology, so I guess she wouldn’t mind. Okay, first, we’ll need to get you some gear aetherically inclined towards healing magicks…”


“Oh don’t worry about that. Already made myself some!”

“What. The Hells. Is that?”

“You like it? It’s based on some Ironworks prototypes I repurposed! There’s a powered magitek suit with some reinforced leathers covering the joints! The visor here is a Heads-Up display of my own invention, it automatically highlights the six major constellations in the sky at all times, plus there’s an indicator for which of them I’ve currently drawn from the deck of sixty! Also the headset is connected to our linkpearls so I can easily reach everyone! Pretty great, right? Made it all myself!”

“Y…yeah….great!” *sigh* “Okay, fine…not the most…traditional, but I suppose it’ll work. Now we should get you over to the Athnaeum Astrologicum in Ishgard, see if maybe they have some starter Star Globes they’ll be willing to let you use…”

“Oh, no need. Made my own! Based it on an Allagan design Cid found when going through some old tomestones. Hey, did you know that some of the Allagans apparently practiced something like Astrology? I didn’t. Anyway, I had to modify it a bit to match the Sharlayan design, but I’ve repaired yours for you often enough that I think I got all the relevant components in place, so it SHOULD work pretty well, right?”

“Franks what the HELL?!”

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