Building Thom – Level 4

The episode isn’t out yet at the time of writing, but our characters in Plus 5 to Hit’s Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign recently achieved level 4 after killing a notorious serial killer, right before being immediately thrust into another combat against some Ice Mephits he had summoned. You all know what that means: time for another part in our Building Thom series!

Level 4 isn’t as big of a milestone as 3 was, but we still get some good things. Let’s take a look at the list.

  1. One new Cantrip
  2. Another new spell to our spells known list
  3. A choice of an ability Score increase or a Feat

Let’s start with the cantrip. During our battle against Sephekk, he summoned some Treant guardians to distract us while he attempted to escape. One of them managed to get into melee range with Thom, and though we forgot the rule during that combat, attempting to cast a spell from melee range should have imposed disadvantage on the attack roll. Normally, I would have used the Arms of Hadar spell to push the Treant back, but unfortunately I had already used both of my spell slots earlier in the session. I think at this point I need a damaging cantrip that doesn’t require an attack roll, and luckily Warlocks have access to a pretty good one in the form of Toll the Dead. It forces the target to take a wisdom saving throw or take 1d8 damage, upgraded to 1d12 if they’ve taken any damage. Doesn’t quite hit as hard as Eldritch Blast, but it should be a better guarantee of damage should Thom find himself in this situation again. I’m going to delay taking Mage Hand until we get another cantrip at level 10 as a result of this, hopefully I wont find myself needing it.

For our new spell, I’m going to get one to help me take advantage of the Devil’s Sight Invocation I picked up earlier and grab Darkness. This will add some extra crowd control that won’t affect me personally. I’ll have to be careful with this one, as I’m the only one of the party that can see in magical darkness, but it should allow me to continue blasting away from relative safety.

Finally we come to the choice of Ability Score Increase vs. Feat. This is an element of 5th edition I really don’t like, but I’ve covered that before in my How I Run a D&D game series. Luckily, I already have a maxed out charisma, so I don’t need to take the ASI at this point. Reviewing Feats, there’s a number of good choices, but Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything added one that allows you to pick up an Eldritch Invocation, and I can certainly use more of those. I’m opting to pick that feat up and grab the Book of Ancient Secrets invocation. This will allow me to become a Ritual Caster and pick up Rituals from ANY other class. I’m starting out with Detect Magic and Comprehend Languages, although I excluded Identify from that list due to a misreading of the spell’s component cost, so I might see about acquiring it later, but thankfully Falwin picked that one up so I don’t need to pressingly worry about it for the time being.

And with that, Thom is now level 4. But once you hear of our victory against Sephekk’s minions, something else might be coming to listeners of the podcast soon. You’ll have to see what’s new soon enough!

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