5 random little things I want in Endwalker


Now that Fanfest has passed and we know a lot more info about what to expect in Endwalker, I want to talk about the little changes I’d really like to see happen, stuff that doesn’t warrant a mention during the keynote, but rather be a little surprise we see in the patch notes.

  1. Changes to gear acquired during ARR

This one will encompass two changes that I think would be overall more healthy for the leveling experience, which is now going to not include not only the base 1-50 experience, but now three additional expansions worth of story to get through.

The first would be to eliminate the need to choose a gear piece reward from class quests. All of these should just be given to leveling players.

The second? Stop putting dyes on vendor and quest reward pieces. It’s just annoying to make players deal with having the eponymous MMO clownsuits. Just let players look better when they’re leveling!

2. Give us a way to see the name of the currently playing song

FF XIV has both a massive and truly amazing soundtrack, so much so that sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what the name of the song we’re listening to is while we’re playing. I’d like to just see a small UI element added that tells us the name of the currently playing song. I don’t even really want to be able to change it like we can in WoW, I just want to be able to look it up later on Spotify or YouTube or something.

3. Better access to retainer inventory for crafting

There’s a couple of things I’d want to see happen here. First of all, lets add more summoning bells in the cities, specifically one in each of the crafting & gathering guilds so we can quickly store mats without needing to teleport to the market areas. Second of all, let us craft directly from our retainers’ inventories without needing to remove the items first.

4. Improve alt friendliness

Yes yes, “why do you need alts when you can level all jobs on one character?” If you’re gonna bring that argument in here, you clearly haven’t been reading a lot of my stuff! Let’s start with something very simple. Let us mail things to alts or let us have some form of shared inventory that we can use to pass things between them.

Here’s another idea. How about if we have a personal house on one character? Let us give our alts access to make changes within it!

5. The ability to see if we’ve already unlocked something that an item rewards within the tooltip

Mounts, minions, hairstyles, emotes, chocobo barding. Any item that unlocks something and adds it to our collection of whatever it is, we really should be able to see if we’ve collected it from within the tooltip or not. And yes, I’d like to see the game eventually open up an account wide collections system similar to WoW’s, but like I said, this is for “little” things and I think being able to see if we’ve already got something on the market board isn’t too much to ask.

What about you? What small-scale system or gameplay changes are you hoping to see in Endwalker? Leave a comment below!

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