Endwalker Goal List check-in

It’s been approximately three months since I made my Pre-Endwalker goal list, and this week o wanted to check in and see how everything is coming along.

Oldman Franks

Franks’ goals were pretty simple, given that he’s been my “main” character for most of the expansion. At the time of writing I just needed to complete the first glow version of the Summoner Resistance Weapon and get a full set of Scaevan Maiming gear for when Reaper releases. I have accomplished both of those objectives. My opinion on continuing the relic weapon grind has not changed, none of the subsequent models or glow effects have captivated me enough to consider pursuing them. The Blade version of the MCH weapon in particular is just….ugh. I don’t know what someone was thinking taking it back to an older flintlocke design, but I absolutely hate it.

The Old Man’s stretch goal was completing the Heavensward Beast Tribe quests, and I hit a brick wall on that one in the form of burnout. I am at the final reputation level needed to hit max, but I’ve taken a break from it. Running all three every day was seriously getting old, so I’ve stopped to focus on other things both in FFXIV and other titles.

Rheika Aliapoh

Rheika’s goals were similar to OMF’s but she also needed to complete some side content questlines, specifically the Shadowbringers Trial series and the Alliance Raids as well. I should point out that at the time of writing, the final YoRHa raid was not yet out, but it has been released now. I’ve done it on OMF, albeit not yet Rheika. Honestly, I don’t think I will, either. I’ve explained this in previous posts but the YoRHa raid story was a really big disappointment for me, and I’m not exactly inclined to put myself through it again.

However, I have completed the Trial series, which was some overall good, if flawed, story. I’ve also completed my second resistance weapon to the first glow on her, so that’s done as well.

Rheika’s stretch goal was an ambitious one and it’s one I haven’t given up on just yet, and that’s get all combat jobs to 80. At the time the initial post was written, I was still working on getting Summoner and Scholar maxed out and planned on starting Monk next. I completed the former, but before I started the latter, I noticed that I was missing a single job stone from my collection, and that was Paladin. I took a brief break to knock out getting Gladiator to 30, and now I’m resuming leveling Monk again. For the time being, I’m just running the Leveling roulette on a daily basis, because I don’t want to burn out doing Palace of the Dead over and over.

Fearless Willow

Fearless is coming along well. All of her canon jobs are at least 72, and two of them, specifically Warrior and Dancer, have hit max level of 80. I haven’t quite caught up on the MSQ, but I just completed 5.3 this morning. Yes, I still got teary-eyed, even on the third time. I’ve bought a set of Exarchic aiming gear just so I can complete all of the MSQ dungeons, but my plan for her remaining jobs is just to collect whatever dungeon gear from Matoya’s Relict and Paglth’an I can from them.

Her stretch goals were not as ambitious as I initially thought. I had planned to get her base resistance weapons and perhaps get a pair of stage 1 glow versions as well. Poetics have been easy to come by, and I’ve already gotten both level 80 jobs and one for the next job to 80, which is Astrologian, as well. As far as the glow versions, I’ve tossed that idea aside foe the time being. Some of the crafted weapons that have been released look really good and I’m currently looking at acquiring some of those for glamour purposes instead.

Dahkar Darkspear

Dahkar even existing was a stretch goal, and I was able to remake him to play with my wife, who decided to give the free trial a shot. Unfortunately Mass Effect Legendary edition came out not long after we gave it a try, and so she paused trying the game out to replay through that series. I doubt we’ll be able to go back to them anytime soon, so I’m considering this goal officially shelved.

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